Anybill and GetMyInvoices Take Care of Digital Document Transfer from Trader to Accountant

Friday, 21. February 2020 | 0 Comments

Despite the receipt issuing obligation, introduced in early 2020, with anybill and GetMyInvoices analogue sales receipts are a thing of the past – because anybill, an app for digital receipts, now has an interface to our invoice management solution. This way, sales receipts can be digitally transmitted from the time they are created until their entry into the accounting system.

With anybill, retailers, restaurant owners and other businesses have the option to digitally issue customer receipts and invoices onto their smartphones. Printing on pollutive thermal paper and unnecessary mountains of rubbish can thus be avoided. Customers can download the free app from the App Store or Google Play Store and open it in the anybill partner shop. There, a QR code will be displayed and scanned at the checkout. Afterwards, the receipts will be centrally stored with anybill and can be retrieved by the customers directly through the app. This means that you’ll always have the sales receipt on you – be it for the return of a product, an exchange, or a warranty claim.

Automatic transfer to other solutions

Using the new interface to GetMyInvoices, receipts that accrue during shopping trips, in restaurants or when refuelling, can be automatically transmitted to our invoice management solution. That means receipts do not have to be photographed anymore, but will be immediately available in the central document management – alongside all other documents that have been automatically retrieved from customer portals, extracted from emails, and imported from third-party solutions. GetMyInvoices’ integrated OCR reads all relevant data during the process; standards like XRechnung are supported.

Once the documents have arrived in GetMyInvoices, new opportunities interesting to sales representatives and business travellers, as well as self-employed entrepreneurs, open up. Documents can be assigned to categories and archived, for example, so that they are easily retrievable at any time through the web browser by all authorized persons, like head office staff. Furthermore, documents can be forwarded to other solutions – automatically or after approval. Those include accounting systems, document management systems and cloud storage. So it is not only possible to transfer receipts from creation to booking completely digitalized, but to do so with the smallest amount of effort, too – should you consider the one-off flashing of your smartphone at the checkout an effort at all, that is.

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