Apps in the House.. The Best Tools for Starting a Business

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A modern start-up company needs the right tools to be able to work efficiently analogically and digitally. Whether it’s about the communication in the team, the organization, or the publication of your content, suitable apps are essential for founders. This overview presents important tools for start-ups and explains to you how to use them, so you can get the most out of these digital opportunities.


Zoom – Digital Meetings made simple

Hardly any other app has shaped the pandemic as much as Zoom. The prerequisites of competitors like Skype or Hangouts were much better, but Zoom has since become synonymous with video meetings.

What’s the advantage of Zoom Meetings? Participants don’t have to register but can simply click on a created link. There are also many admin functions and meetings that can be recorded. Although Zoom recommends downloading its app, users can also participate in the browser (if they reject the pop-up windows). With no account, log in and optional download, Zoom’s barriers to entry are low, so no reason the app is so popular. But there is one catch: In the free basic version, meetings with three or more participants are limited to 40 minutes. The Pro version, however, is not only worthwhile for longer meetings; it also allows companies to add their branding.

With Typeform you know what drives your Customer

Typeform is a simple application that doesn’t need to be downloaded or logged into. You can create surveys in the web-application and send them to your customers through a link. The free version allows you to ask up to ten questions and evaluate 100 surveys, and you choose from preselected designs. All of that can be done quickly, easily, and intuitively.  You just have to register on the webpage. So if you’re looking for feedback about a new app, a new feature, an optimized design, or a freshly launched service, Typeform lets you have a look at the thoughts of your customer.

Webdesign with Modularity – WordPress

WordPress ist the most popular Content Management System in the world, with a market share of 39% worldwide. Competitors like Squarespace or Wix are only at 2%. WordPress is not only free in the basic version, but also offers many optional plug-ins, so you can build your own site according to the modular principle. The ready-made themes allow you to create a nice website with just a few clicks. And because you have all the data in this CMS in your own hands, you can add new content immediately. WordPress is not only suitable for blogs and company websites, but also for e-commerce. You don’t need a download to create your website, just a user account.

More Flexibility in cooperation with Asana

Named after the positions in yoga, Asana is an app that helps you and your team collaborate seamlessly. Because the app is available for download on all major platforms, you and your team can easily switch between devices and still be clear about who is working on which task. Goals and milestones can be named, Asana helps with time management and ensures your team is working at full capacity. And the best part? You work with up to 15 members for free. So for most startups, this project management solution is even free.

Trello – the Alternative to Asana

Another, also free, tool for project management is Trello. As with Asana, there is a premium version, but for many founders, the basic version should suffice. Trello impresses with its visual interface and can also be synchronized between smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs so that you can continue to work anywhere and at any time. While Asana is specifically designed for teams, Trello is also a great tool for founders who want to work better in a self-organized way. Tasks can be effortlessly assigned to work in teams. All that is required is a download and registration.

Keep Track with Feedly

If you like to compile your news without being distracted, Feedly is the app for you. The cloud service requires your account or a Google login, but with Leo, you also have an AI-based service at your disposal that adapts the news. That means you’ll see the news that helps your team. With Feedly, you can find your way around the web more quickly and get the most important news from bloggers, Twitter, or, of course, the biggest news sites in the world. And all that in one easy-to-read feed. A free download is available on PC and Mac as well as on iOS and Android, and the optional premium version also offers features like SSL encryption.

Slack Orders and Groups your Communication

Slack is the perfect Messenger for teams and start-ups because the download is not only free for small teams but also scales their requirements. To use all their features, you should download the pro-version. These include seeing all the communication history, hosting video calls with up to 15 people, or setting up a network for up to 500.000 members on an enterprise level. For that reason, Slack is a great match for companies of any size. You can optimize the communication in your business already with the free version. The division into projects, teams, and channels ensures that all messages reach the right people. Of course, data can also be sent easily and apps like Google Sheets, Asana, or OneDrive can be integrated into the conversation. In this way, Slack can serve as a neuralgic hub for your company.

The perfect Workflow is only one Download away

Founders know how important it is to be able to act quickly and efficiently and to remain productive even in stressful situations. This requires not only the right mindset but also the right toolset. Our list of apps and web applications gives you a good overview of the apps you need for a successful start in the startup scene.

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