Automate ways to collect receipts and invoices

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Consistent invoicing is a crucial part of every business, and proper invoice management brings healthy cash flow to your company for better accounting stress. The main objective of invoice management is to develop an easy payment method for customers. A convenient strategy for generating, sending, and managing invoices is required.

Challenges with invoice management

Your company may have a dedicated team to serve an array of customers, but if invoicing is not efficient, it may not be a good sign for business. Invoicing is a crucial foundation for a company and requires accuracy and timeliness. Businesses need to receive money on time or pay on time. If payments get delayed, then you may not get paid for products or services in time impacting cash flow. Errors and discrepancies in the invoicing process can bring trust issues with customers to rethink their decisions. Some of the major challenges are

  1. Lost Invoices: If invoices did not deliver to proper recipients, it affects payment and cash flow. When you don’t receive automatic confirmations of receipt, it sometimes could be misplaced or eventually lost. Many times, manual errors cause loss of invoices or paper invoices may get misplaced. Eventually, all these lead to delays, increases in costs, and payment issues.
  2. Unclear Invoices: When the language of the invoice is not clear, it could be equally confusing to customers. When you are into multiple products and issuing invoices various times, it could be problematic. Capturing relevant information clearly and accurately helps in invoice management.
  3. Missing Data: If invoices need to get paid in time, the primary requirement is to be accurate. When accurate data is missing, customers may not process the payment for that invoice and payment delays. There are many rounds of invoice clarifications that waste valuable time for both parties. 
  4. Erroneous Invoice: When team members forget to itemize the invoice according to customer requirement, it affects customer relationships if you charged customers double.

  5. Recurring Invoice Mistakes: Incorrect prices, erroneous calculations, and missing due dates can lead to delayed payment. When these payment mistakes happen repeatedly, it can lead to mistrust among the customer base.

Automating the invoice collection process helps to get rid of most of the above challenges, save time, improve efficiency and create a delightful customer experience.

How we can automatically download an invoice from various portals

Stop wasting time going to check availability or collecting invoices from multiple sources manually and repetitively.

GetMyInvoices retrieves invoices and documents from multiple portals like Amazon, Deutsche Post, Facebook, and over 10,000 other portals. We can even collect invoices from other portals with custom configurations.

GetMyInvoices checks your portals at regular intervals for new invoices and downloads them automatically to a centralized secure online folder.

This process is cost-efficient, saves time, improves productivity, and helps businesses to focus on core business areas and avoid invoice hassles.

Collecting invoices from GetMyInvoices mobile app

Invoicing is one of the key processes in business, so it requires early collection for better working capital management. The earlier, invoices can be collected, the faster they can get processed. Mobile apps can scan invoices anywhere even if one is traveling. This helps in saving time as well.

The app uploads receipts automatically to your central folder. Your accounting teams can pick them up for processing.

Even if you have no online internet connection, the mobile app can scan invoices offline. Once the internet connection is available, the scanned documents or invoices get uploaded to your account folder automatically.

Benefits of automatic invoice download and collection

An invoice makes making and receiving payments convenient and easy. It is one of the essential aspects of the business.

Collecting invoices automatically helps in saving time than manual methods, avoids billing discrepancies, and delayed clarifications and approvals. Companies can earn discounts by early payment and avoid late payment fines. Overall, it leads to a better experience for customers and business partners. Cash flow and invoice processing get optimized.

Sign up for our 14-day free trial and see how easy it is to collect invoices.

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