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SaaS and invoice management not have to be dry and distanced. We would like to be approachable and close to our customers at all times. This is why we will publish a feature series that’s supposed to give you even more insight into our work routine, and to actively involve you. To start us off, we talked to Jan Moritz Wagner. The 33-year old has been the GetMyInvoices Head of Sales since December 2019.

Moritz, sales usually means distribution or retail. Is that what you do?
The distribution or sales of GetMyInvoices comprises many different items. Close interlocking with the marketing and support divisions are characteristic; it results from the responsibilities. We have the big advantage that many businesses are right in the middle of switching from analogue to digital, and are looking for solutions. In the invoice management sector, many customers come to us to solve their challenges efficiently and, preferably, automated.

Our customers are mostly freelancers, entrepreneurs and tax consultants. To be able to precisely target and reach those, we create close links to marketing activities. We strongly focus on social media and search engine marketing. Support is an important sales lever for us, too. This is why sales and support are one department in GetMyInvoices.

What are your responsibilities, what do you do all day long?
If you take myself, for example, I have conversations with tax consultants, negotiate individual package plans, represent GetMyInvoices to partners and at events, co-ordinate and supervise different tasks. Those include the following, for instance: The support team welcomes our new customers, answers first questions and helps if there are problems with the initial setup or with getting to know our solution. Before our free trial period expires, we enquire whether our prospective customers are satisfied with the product and discuss, which package would be the most suitable for their future requirements. Customer feedback is vital to us, as it is integrated in our new features and optimizations.

This year, we worked out a basic structure for distribution activities as well as their tracking. For example, we extended our customer relationship management with a software, meaning that we now have a higher performance customer database and can conduct more targeted consultancy and control our marketing activities with even more accuracy. We assigned the 800 tax consultants who already use GetMyInvoices to categories to optimally care for them. With the help of specific questions and analyses of individual problems, we can specifically address their respective requirements. The outstanding feature here is that we offer free support without limitations. That sets us apart from other providers in the SaaS sector, where support flat rates are customary.

Partnering – that is, taking care of our integrations partners – is also a sector that is contained in our department. Amongst other things, we offer support with presentations and information on how GetMyInvoices can be introduced in conversations with our partners’ clients.

Where do you work from?
Personally, I always like going to the office. Because of the current Corona pandemic I currently mostly work from home, though. I’m lucky not to have to work at the kitchen table; I have a business corner with a GetMyInvoices backdrop. But once a week, I go to the office in Kassel. I need that for personal interaction. Apart from that, our team works digitally from different locations. At this stage, we have developed into a diverse, multi-national team – we want to roll out our activities to more countries and be able to answer our customers’ queries in their own native tongues.

Do you work with other departments, and if so, which ones?
The entire cooperation basically runs smoothly and with great agility. We’re not just linked to marketing, but also to development and all other departments. It’s a great advantage that everybody knows the product so well that they can face customers with knowledge surpassing their direct division at any time.

What do you like particularly?
I can implement my ideas very well in the GetMyInvoices team. No-one has to go through four of five instances first. Be it ideas or customer’s wishes, changes are always welcome and implemented quickly.

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