Client in the first interview – Expectations and practical advice

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Your clients trust you with sensible data and want to rely on your competence and discretion. The first impression is made within a few moments, even before you get into a professional conversation. This gives digital communication further importance. There are ways to make you appear more professional to your clients regarding working together, both digitally and in person.


First interview in the office

Potential clients cannot categorize your professional competence at first, and use substitute criteria to get an impression. The first thing on the list is the visual appearance. Another factor is severance and professional demeanor. Take time for your visitors and avoid distractions from outside. Pay attention to realistic planning of appointments. Eye contact and a friendly smile are part of welcoming just as casual small talk, that doesn’t cross any lines.

Furthermore, showing positive attitude will help you to win the trust of your business partner. Meet your clients at eye level and explain the facts comprehensively but understandably. Ideally, you have professional presentation skills and can support your key messages with graphics or presentation slides.

Ask specific open-ended questions to find out exactly what you expect and what you want. In any case, the scope of services and the fee are topics that you should address on your own initiative in order to create transparency.

The digital approach for the first interview

The Corona pandemic is not the only reason for digitalization in tax firms. This development is a determining factor for contemporary and future-oriented work. While many clients appreciate personal contact, the advantages of the digital solution cannot be denied.

Appointment requests can be realized quickly and follow-up questions can be answered quickly in a video call. Eye contact reveals more about the emotions of your counterpart than intermediate tones, which you perceive in a telephone conversation.

The visual impression is also important for the decision. As a matter of principle, pay attention to correct clothing and a tidy and appealing image. Your client is of importance to you and has absolute priority for the duration of the conversation.

In addition to digital communication, processes have been established that represent a decisive advantage over the conventional way of working. The most important instrument here is the questionnaire, which you send to potential clients electronically in advance. In this way, you receive all relevant key data and background information in advance and can prepare intensively for the first meeting.

Among others, you will learn which tools customers use for accounting, data transfer, and data storage. In this way, you are in a position to present not only technical information but also individual technical solutions.

Moreover, you can answer numerous questions from your clients in advance. A meaningful brochure or presentation allows you to convey information about the firm and the team, which goes beyond the online presence. This is how you signal to the other side that the first step towards cooperation has already been taken.

Digital cooperation in the tax office

Overall, the modern law firm relies mostly on digital information and document exchange with clients to avoid frictional losses and duplicate work. Both sides benefit from the online availability of up-to-date data, which they can access simultaneously. Intelligent cloud solutions enable automated posting of business transactions with the help of interfaces. But until then, your client needs expert support to optimize their own processes.


Even if the near future will allow you to still operate in the same way as you did before, the digital trend is unstoppable. Acquiring customers is one thing. For long-term cooperation, it is crucial to convince professionally and technically.


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