4 Surprising techniques to find your documents faster.

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Digitize your paper documentsPaperwork is time-consuming – Be it searching for documents or invoices. You may need to refer to it before sending an email. Digital technologies have empowered organizations to easily store and find vendor invoices or contracts or any documentation with online storage and tags. Digitize paper documents to save time and improve efficiency. 


Did you know “According to a McKinsey report, employees spend 1.8 hours every day—9.3 hours per week, on average—searching and gathering information? Source: Time Searching for Information.

Employees tend to spend a lot of productive time searching for documents and information instead of putting that information to use. Paperwork depletes adequate time in operations to find a specific document copy.

Many organizations spent extra hours searching cupboards and opening piles of similar digital named documents to find nothing. Time spent on these futile searches could be productive if pieces of information store were easy to access. You can reduce time wastage by making few changes in the office workflow to find relevant documents and information. Here are a few techniques to improve document handling and to save pdf documents.

1. Digitize your essential office papers in PDF or other digital formats.

Convert all your paperwork documents into the digital ecosystem to take full advantage of computing power to digitize paper documents.  Digitizing paper documents is easy with suitable software for all businesses. You can utilize Windows 10 search features to search and locate files by keywords or content. With the Microsoft-style user interface, it is comfortable to create a search-friendly document of your paperwork.

You can scan your invoices or any paper document using mobile apps today to create digital copies. Converting to pdf of old documents doesn’t take much time with a variety of available file formats. Using relevant tags helps to find them faster. Tag the documents using the descriptive file name, document creation date, and extension if applicable, enables a document for quick search.

2. Rework your files into a collective and central system

Digitizing the existing paperwork is the first step, but it does not serve the purpose if stored in a standalone location. Centralized online cloud storage solutions help to keep documents centrally and are accessible 24×7 by people having access. Moreover, when employees are not connected collaboratively, then paperwork can be misplaced, reducing productivity further.

Many enterprise collaboration platforms help to improve data management, provide accessible business functions, centralized administration, and easy customization. Digital invoicing solutions today import documents and invoices from multiple sources like portals, emails, online storage and store them centrally. There is no chance of losing important data and documents in this process.

3. Practice consistent labeling and tagging business

Poor clerical practices cannot make up for any software and technological advances. Good file labeling and metadata usage are some of the best practices for a digital ecosystem. Metadata is an essential element in differentiating file names to search and locate quickly. 

Use descriptive tags to identify the contents and save the PDF files. Depending on the labels, companies can devise various guidelines across the company to save a document. When employees use tags consistently, finding a copy of the contract would take much less time, turning it into an efficient tool. For example, you can store a digitized invoice with a client name, date and time, and relevant reference keywords that help you find it easily.  So, digitize paper documents improves record management with a comprehensive solution to manage document digitization. 

4. Make data accessible across the business.

Enable employees to search for any document or contract paperwork linked to the central storage instead of inspecting different offices for a specific record. Digital solutions offer control access and allow easy access to information with a check on compliance on sensitive data. Documents are password-protected, and role-based access in systems helps to set rules with access to records. GetMyInvoices creates and offers a central system of collecting invoices and manages all in a central location.

Digitize your paperwork!

Converting paper documents to PDF or digital formats helps businesses track records, and a filling system with tagging and metadata descriptions will help your organization manage documents efficiently. The digitization method is cost-effective, saves time, and improves employee productivity.

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