GetMyInvoices at the Tax Advisor Expo 2022

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The Tax Advisor Expo took place last Friday in Cologne and GetMyInvoices participated as an exhibitor. In this article, you can read about our impressions and experiences.

Things got underway on Thursday, March 17. To have everything ready in time for the start of the trade fair, our team drove to Cologne the day before to set up. We decorated our stall with our exhibition wall as well as roll-ups, bar tables, and chairs. Also a few give-aways, like our popular GetMyInvoices gummy bears, could not be missing.

On March 18, the Tax Advisor Expo opened its doors at 9 a.m. sharp at XPost Cologne.
The location was near the Mediapark and was very easy to reach both by foot and by different means of transport.

The hall and especially our stall was filled quickly. Since our stall was centrally located in the hall, we received good visibility throughout the expo. Our Head of Sales Jan Moritz Wagner as well as our Marketing Manager Nelly Brüssing directly used the opportunity to intensify existing contacts and to establish new ones. The organizer expected about 1,500 participants and, according to our estimation, probably reached this goal.

Steuerberater Expo 1

Particularly in the morning, many tax consultants visited our stall. The majority of them already had first contact points with our invoice management solution. In some cases, GetMyInvoices was even recommended directly by clients, which allowed them to get to know our software better by visiting our stall.

“We were consistently in conversation, I think that’s something great. Usually, I am the organizational head behind our trade fair appearances. I was happy to be there in person and to get a better picture of what was going on,” Nelly summarizes.

During the presentations, the tax consultants were primarily interested in learning how they can use our solution to digitize and optimize their collaboration with their clients. Some, in turn, even had specific technical questions.

Software providers and management consultants were also represented at the trade show, with whom we had interesting discussions about possible partnerships.

Steuerberater Expo 2

Things quieted down a bit in the late afternoon and the Tax Advisor Expo ended right on time at 5 pm.

“We met many familiar faces but were also able to generate new potential prospects and partners for cooperation. I am proud of our team,” is the summary of Jan Moritz. The Tax Advisor Expo was the first event we have held again in our presence since our appearance at the Accounting Summit in September 2021. “A face-to-face exchange is tremendously important for our client relationships and partnerships. Finally, we were able to be among people again,” he additionally shares.

Fellow fino members Inga Krämer, Christian Vos, and Annika Hoppen from the GrundsteuerDigital team were also at the event in Cologne and presented our new solution for the challenges of the property tax reform.

Jakob Stuby was one of the people we were most excited to meet. He presented the MVP of the latest solution of our fino family for the first time at a trade fair: KanzleiDrive. KanzleiDrive is a smart data exchange application that enables tax advisors to securely exchange data and documents with clients.

Steuerberater Expo 3

We are already looking forward to the next event! 🚀


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