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The Accounting Summit in Berlin in September was the first event since January 2020 that we were finally able to attend again. Our Head of Sales, Jan Moritz Wagner, as well as Sales & Support Manager Jan-Niklas Sickes and Marco Paparella, Head of Business Development, represented GetMyInvoices at the trade fair and conference for digitalization and innovation in accounting. The following interview with Moritz gives some impressions.

Moritz, how was it for you to travel to an event in the “real world” again after such a long time?
Above all, there was a lot of anticipation about getting on a train again, going to another city, and meeting other people. I was excited about the conversations as well as seeing what had happened in the market. I was also happy to see Jan-Niklas and Marco again after a long time, as we are otherwise only in contact virtually.

What are the lessons you learned in Berlin?
We are on a very good path to position GetMyInvoices as an autopilot for preparatory accounting. There are some other providers that offer individual functions but do not have this breadth. In addition to our comprehensive document retrieval from more than 10,000 online portals, we have created add-ons such as payment from within the invoice management software and the recently released workflow features that round out our solution and give it uniqueness.

What were the visitors at your exhibition stand most interested in, what keeps them busy?
In fact, portal retrieval still provides surprises. There are visitors who do not know that GetMyInvoices can download all documents from it automatically. Besides, many were not aware of what GetMyInvoices can do in addition. Especially the extensions of the last months were unknown to many. Here we provided for clarification and will continue to work intensively in the future to communicate the functionalities as best as possible to the outside.

Were there any other “surprises”?
Some visitors actually asked us why we were presenting ourselves as a start-up, since we had already grown so much and were clearly positioned. We were very pleased with this compliment.

Did you prepare specifically for the Summit?
No, that we present GetMyInvoices as our daily routine. The only unforeseeable thing was that Christian (Christian Heimrich, Director of Business Operations at GetMyInvoices), who was scheduled to speak at the Accounting Summit Start-up Awards, was unable to attend due to illness. I only found out about this on the morning of the event. After a short consultation, I of course stepped in.

What was it like for you to hold the presentation more or less spontaneously?
I was a bit nervous at the beginning. Because it was something special to stand on a professional stage, the microphone in one hand, the clicker for the presentation in the other, the clock and cameras in front of my eyes. My focus was to present GetMyInvoices as a tool that maps all the preparatory accounting in one. It was a challenge to get to the heart of all the important things in such a short time in an understandable way. Therefore, I had to rush a bit at the end. But I had fun doing it.

About Moritz’s presentation (from 4:43:40)

You did so well that you won one of the popular Accounting Summit Start-up Awards as the third-place winner. Where will you put the trophy?
It’s still at home with me. But it will have a place in the office, maybe even in our cradle in Lübeck.

Didn’t you also have a competition? What did that look like?
We asked the visitors to write down their contact details on a piece of paper, crumple it up and throw it into a trash can with a basketball hoop above it. That was fun, especially since hardly anyone hit it. We will be raffling off an iPhone from all participants. The winner will be announced soon via our social networks.

Do you still consider on-site events to be important? A lot of things have become more digital in the event sector, too.
It’s important for us to show our face at such events. Many people expect that from us. We like to be there and use the opportunities to network.

What will be the next “real” events you will attend and how will you present yourself there?
Next, we will be at the DATEV Marketplace Expo on November 11 in Munich and on November 16 in Berlin. There we will set up a booth and give a presentation. In this we will show GetMyInvoices in interaction with DATEV Unternehmen Online using the example of the path of an Amazon invoice. This date will be followed for us by the “Tax Advisor Expo” on January 27, 2022 in Cologne. You will find us there at booth 67.

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