GetMyInvoices – Behind the Scenes: Head of Finance

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As part of our series “GetMyInvoices – Behind the Scenes”, this blog provides an insight into our finance department. For this, we spoke with Verena Lappöhn. She is 34 years old and has been working at GetMyInvoices since June 2019 and is Head of Accounting & Backoffice.


Verena, what are the tasks in the finance area?

The tasks include preparatory accounting and remuneration management, including budget monitoring and securing liquidity for all fino companies. Other tasks include internal cost allocation, accounting, receivables management, and payment transactions. We also implement internal digitization processes, for example in accounting. We are the contact for customers, banks, and tax advisors, and I am also the contact for all payment matters. Until recently, I was responsible not only for the finance segment but also for all administrative activities including HR. In other words, the entire back office. Now that I’ve got support, we can distribute the different focuses of finance, HR, and back-office even better.

So the range of tasks is not fixed?

No, it has developed and evolved with the company, and that very quickly. Originally, my job was to implement processes in the accounting area. But then the company grew, thus the administration had to grow with it. New tasks have arisen as a result.

How did this development succeed?

There are all kinds of possibilities here. We just talk briefly and optimize where there is a need for improvement. In this way, we have already been able to implement many things.

Can you give an example of this?

In the first place, there did not exist any payment run, so I brought up the issue with Björn, Product Owner of GetMyInvoices. Soon after that, we were able to implement payment runs and approval workflows. These implementations make my daily work much easier.

Do you use GetMyInvoices yourself? If yes, how?

Of course, several times a day. Many receipts are imported automatically, for example, invoices from email inboxes and online portals as well as bank statements. In addition to that, I upload receipts myself. Also, we have linked the invoice program where we create our invoices to GetMyInvoices, so our outgoing invoices automatically upload to GetMyInvoices. Last but not least, I use GetMyInvoices to check if all invoices are paid in collaboration with our tax accountant, who accesses the required receipts via GetMyInvoices.

How do you feel about working with GetMyInvoices?

Just great. I can definitely recommend GetMyInvoices to any middleman, especially now that many work from home offices. GetMyInvoices is very convenient when employees work in distributed locations. The receipts they need are right there. We have very positive feedback from our tax advisor. There is also the possibility to make suggestions for improvement.

What does it mean to make suggestions for improvement?

If I notice something in my day-to-day work that could be improved, such as the approval process, I can pass it on through the official channels and always find an open ear.

What do you like most about GetMyInvoices?

Besides the opportunity to be part of the product and process optimization, it’s the variety in fields of activity. Every day I learn something new. I don’t just deal with one specific topic, but can also accompany processes that are not my usual task, such as the founding of a company.

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