GetMyInvoices – Behind the Scenes: Growth Hacking

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As part of our series ‚GetMyInvoices – Behind the Scenes’, this time you will get an insight into how we work in our marketing department. For this reason, we have talked to Jan Stippich. The 28-year-old is a trained photographer as well as a state-certified communications manager and works for GetMyInvoices as a Growth Hacker.

Interview mit Jan Stippich

Jan, what exactly do you do at GetMyInvoices?

I work in marketing and coordinate the cooperation between single departments and people. We have many interfaces with other areas, for example, Business Development and Sales/Support. I am deeply involved in operational processes. My tasks range from designing marketing campaigns and search engine optimization to design and user experience measures. I build automation for customer onboarding and think about how we can increase our revenue. There’s no official name for what I do. But growth hacking sums it up pretty well because I try to drive growth in every area.

Was it always like that or how did your work evolve?

No, it has always been like this. For a bit over four years, I am working for fino, the provider of GetMyInvoices. After GetMyInvoices joined us in January 2019, I got involved in the work there. At that time, I helped set up the marketing and the individual areas that exist today. As a first step, we developed a corporate identity and a new design so that we appear consistent everywhere. Other milestones were the introduction of a customer relationship management system together with Björn and Christian and the creation of automated workflows. We now receive a lot of useful information about our customers and prospects, which helps us improve conversion. We can also respond to inquiries quickly. We have a team of experts in each area. This allows us to implement all tasks without wasting time unnecessarily.

Besides the know-how and automation, to what extent do the flat hierarchies and structures contribute to this success?
They contribute to the success for a big part. We are a team where everybody feels comfortable, has fun at their tasks, and can work well. That is extremely important. We can try anything we want to try and always have personal contact with Björn, the product owner of GetMyInvoice.
This is awesome!

Do you like this about GetMyInvoices, or what do you like the most?

Exactly that, and that you can actually achieve something. That makes the job exciting. Björn’s trust in us is impressive. Whether it’s about explaining GetMyInvoices to others or doing presentations on events – we can decide for ourselves and take things into our own hands.

How about working remotely? How is the cooperation from a distance working out?

It is a big chance and opportunity for us. This has already been like this before Corona. Last year I spent three months in Dublin from January to March, working from a workspace. What other company has something like that? Then I moved to Kassel, to fino’s corporate headquarters, and recently to Coburg, which is about 250 kilometers from Kassel. None of this makes any difference to the collaboration. It also develops remotely with us and also works spontaneously, so that we have the feeling as if we were sitting in an office.

You all have a personal passion, something that distinguishes all of you. What is your passion?

I can be fascinated by anything and I can empathize with every target group. I know what I have to communicate for this. This is an advantage in marketing.

Can you give a little preview of your next plans?

Without revealing too much: We definitely want to continue to grow, further improve customer satisfaction, and try out new business ideas to establish GetMyInvoices even more strongly as a platform.

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