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GetMyInvoices and fino, provider of our invoice management software, are growing. In order to continue to manage all the associated personnel tasks in the best possible way, we have had a full-time HR manager since July 1: Rebecca März. In this interview, the 39-year-old tells us how she became aware of us, what her work experience is like, and what her plans are.

Bild von Rebecca März, HR-Managerin bei GetMyInvoices

Rebecca, what exactly do you do at GetMyInvoices or at fino?
I take care of typical HR tasks such as job postings, employment contracts, cell phone contracts, bike leasing, and job references. I also prepare payroll so that I can answer any questions employees may have at any time, creating conditions for them to do their best work. At the moment we are also introducing a new recruiting tool.

You recently applied for a job with us. How did you hear about GetMyInvoices?
I worked as a personnel officer for a large corporation. I always had fino in mind, because I felt that employees there have a lot of development opportunities. The reason for that is that fino and GetMyInvoices have not just been digital and remote since the pandemic , but always have been, something of a rarity in the SME sector.

How did the application process and onboarding take place?
I applied at the end of April and then had the initial interview with Verena (Verena Lappöhn, Head of Accounting & Backoffice at GetMyInvoices). This was followed by a digital interview with Björn (Björn Kahle, COO of fino) and AJ (Aleksandar Jeremic, Co-Founder of fino). I signed the contract at the end of May and started on July 1. The welcome was very warm – even though I haven’t met all the employees personally yet.

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Can you describe your first impressions?
They are positive overall. Above all, I felt it was a great leap of faith that Björn agreed to let me select and implement a new recruiting tool shortly after I joined GetMyInvoices. That is a challenging task.

How is the cooperation with your colleagues?
The collaboration is very pleasant. We mostly communicate via different tools like Slack, email, and via video call. Directly, I work primarily with Verena. We sit together in an office in Kassel.

What does a typical day at work look like?
There is no such thing as a representative routine because the work cannot be planned in detail. The respective tasks often arise spontaneously from the e-mails. At the moment, however, a lot of the work revolves around the new recruiting tool and the employees we are currently looking for. I perform my tasks three days a week from the office in Kassel and two days remotely from home.

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Do you consider digitization to be important, or what exactly do you want to contribute?
HR is still analog to a certain extent. Authorities in particular do not work consistently digitally. But we are well on the way to being as digital as possible. That is very important to me. I don’t want to work with stacks of paper. Right now, I’m first looking at what GetMyInvoices has already put in place, and then I’ll look at internal regulations.

What is your passion for supporting GetMyInvoices?
I find it very exciting to follow the employee cycle from entry to beyond exit and to participate in the development of the company culture.

What do you like most about your work?
I mainly like the open, very pleasant communication. All colleagues are approachable at all times and give immediate feedback – without long rounds. We simply put things into practice.

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