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Yesterday, on the 4th of May, it was Star Wars Day. Therefore, we talked to our Super Marc for our Behind-the-Scenes series. As a digital marketer and growth hacker, Marc Wiedbrauck drives GetMyInvoices’ online and performance marketing. In doing so, the 43-year-old from Ulm proves to have superpowers indeed…


What exactly is it that you do at GetMyInvoices?
I use key figures to look at where website visitors come from, for example, and where they bounce off. I analyze this and optimize the pages accordingly. I also initiate campaigns to increase traffic to our website and generate leads as economically as possible. Also, I help with the creation of pages and support Nelly with content development so that, for example, blog posts are found.

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What are your superpowers or what is your passion? 
Exploring and trying out new things is something that excites me. I’m also interested in analyzing figures. After all, they provide clear feedback on what comes out of which measures. These insights can then be used to make decisions that are exactly the opposite of the “hope marketing” that has long been practiced.

Tell us where you got your know-how, what is your background like?
I studied sports and marketing in Karlsruhe. Afterward, I worked in the sports industry until 2009. I then moved into online marketing because I saw a lot of opportunities there to work independently of location and technology interested me. Initially, I started with social media and then moved into performance.

How did you join GetMyInvoices?
I wanted to work in a company where I could “put horsepower on the road”, deal with something that had potential, and where I could be flexible. So I did some research and came across GetMyInvoices, which my employer at the time was using. A strong argument was also the possibility of remote work, so I could take care of my daughter, who started school in September. I applied at the end of last year and, in discussions with Christian and Jan, quickly had the feeling that it was also a good fit in terms of colleagues. I have been part of the team since January 1 of this year.

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Did your expectations turn out to be right?
Yes, they did. We are a great team. I like everyone very much. We work at eye level, constructively, and appreciatively. There are no hierarchies and the opportunity to address issues and contribute experience. I’m very much looking forward to new challenges, for example in connection with our market entry in the USA.

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What are your next goals?

We want to get off to a good start in the USA. The market is not an easy one to target, but I am optimistic that we can really take off there – and in other countries. GetMyInvoices is a product that brings something to companies, makes their lives easier.

What does one of your typical daily routines currently look like?
I have breakfast, take care of my daughter and then start work. That means evaluating key figures and working through tasks. But it also includes quietly thinking about which strategies are appropriate and what optimal campaigns might look like. At lunchtime, I take the opportunity to cook and, if the weather is nice, I sometimes take my daughter to the playground. In the evening, I often have more ideas on the couch. This way of working is much more productive. The important thing is to find a rhythm.

Are there any other aspects that you particularly like about your work?
Of course! The exchange with my colleagues in the weekly meetings. We are different people in different places, but we all want to achieve something. Also, there are always tasks that don’t exclusively involve GetMyInvoices, but also other fino products. That’s super exciting!


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