GetMyInvoices – Behind the Scenes: Project Management

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As part of our series “GetMyInvoices – Behind the Scenes”, this time we provide insights into our onboarding and how our motto of “do it now” allows us to quickly find more than we were originally looking for. For this reason, we spoke with Nelly Brüssing. The 27-year-old successfully completed her master’s degree in International Business at HTW Dresden last year and has been working as a project manager in our Marketing and Business Development departments since November 2020. At the beginning, we were looking for an Online Marketing Manager (m/f/d).

Project Management

Nelly, how did you hear about GetMyInvoices and the vacant position?
Through a friend who had seen the vacancy online and told me about it. At first I was hesitant because I had not yet had any contact with the product. Nevertheless, she was able to convince me to apply because the requirements matched my profile perfectly.

How did you apply for the job and what was the process?
I applied through the career-website of the GetMyInvoices provider fino. That was in mid-October. Within a few days, I received feedback from Christian and shortly thereafter the job interview took place via online meeting. There we got along great right away and he explained to me that I would not only work in marketing, but also in business development. I found that very exciting, because I speak different languages (note: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??), like to make contacts and I am open to new tasks. The trial work took place just a week later.

How did the trial work go? Were you in the office in Kassel?
No, it took place completely virtual. I met two colleagues and received an assignment from Björn for the day. Shortly after I was told that I could start right away and two days later I already got the contract. I didn’t mind the fact that I hadn’t been to the office or met anyone directly beforehand since you can always arrange things online. I went to the office for the first time on my first day of work. That’s when I met Christian in person.

How did the onboarding go?
On the first day it was overwhelming to experience how many tools GetMyInvoices is using. However, with Christian as mentor and supervisor it’s very relaxed to get to know all the processes. I can always ask him if I have any problems. It’s a shame not to work directly with the whole team and only get to know all of my colleagues bit by bit, but I think remote work is very cool. You only need an internet connection and a laptop, and you are able work. This might also suit me later when Corona is over, as I like to travel and have many friends abroad. I have a good relationship with the entire team. We are always in contact and help each other where we can.

What are your tasks?
I take care of all social media canals, as well as content planning and creation. For example, regarding our newsletters, our blog, and news articles, integration pages as well as videos, pictures, etc. Translations, the creation of ads and promotional materials are part of my tasks as well. Last but not least, I’m involved in campaign planning and international projects like currently the Go-to-Market in the Netherlands and France. Here I can use my knowledge perfectly as asset to plan how we will operate there.

What do you like the most about your work at GetMyInvoices?
I can be very creative and implement all ideas. In corporations, such a process is usually quite long due to existing guidelines and hierarchies. Here, however, there is a start-up atmosphere. Everything is quite straight forward and the motto is “do it now”. At first, I was afraid of making mistakes, especially since I was new to the team. But I get so much encouragement and support that my learning curve is very steep. Also, there are always many different topics coming up, which I find really interesting. The only thing I still have to get used to is the fast pace.


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