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Whoever used our support for a question about GetMyInvoices may have already had contact with Jan-Niklas Sickes. That’s because the 25-year-old works for us as a sales and support manager. He makes sure that customers and those who want to become customers can simplify their work, using the latest technology. In an interview, he gives us a picture of his job.


What are your daily tasks, Jan-Niklas?
My role in Sales/Support is customer support. I help with questions and try to convince prospective customers of GetMyInvoices by explaining to them how far-reaching our invoice management solution makes the handling of various documents easier for them.

How long have you been working for GetMyInvoices and how did you join the team?
I have been onboard since December 2019. After I completed my training as a wholesale and export merchant, I was looking for a job. I then became aware of fino online. What I found exciting there was the clear future orientation of the job. So I applied. Three days later I had an interview and a week later I was in the office in Kassel.

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You said that future orientation appealed to you. Is this something that corresponds to your professional passion, or what exactly is your passion?
GetMyInvoices is a future-oriented product. It has to do with my passion in that it helps people to make their work easier. I like to convince interested parties of this and support customers in achieving this.

Has your work changed over time? If so, how did it change?
There have definitely been some changes. In the beginning, I took care of support. Then Christian asked me how I could imagine my future work. My suggestion was to be even more sales-oriented – to convince people that GetMyInvoices is an excellent product that will help them. We then implemented that directly.

Zum Interview mit Christian Heimrich


What are your greatest accomplishments to this point, and what do you like looking back on?
It’s always nice to be able to convince customers and help them. When it involves larger companies, this leaves a particularly good feeling.

What are your plans for the future?
We want to get even better, in other words: build up a larger customer base. Especially now, even more people must realize how important digitization is and how it gives them an advantage. To this end, we offer many online events. Individual appointments can also be booked at any time, and our explanatory videos provide immediate help.

How is the cooperation with your colleagues?
I usually work closely with Moritz. On certain occasions, for example, we come up with different sales strategies. But I’m also in regular contact with Christian. In general, we have short decision-making paths. If someone has an idea, we talk about it, and if it’s a good one, we implement it promptly.

What does your daily routine currently look like?
I work from home – in a small village between Paderborn and Kassel. In the morning, I usually follow up on various topics and answer inquiries via ticket or mail. In the lunch break, sports are on the agenda, depending on the weather, a round of walking or jogging, before I continue the morning’s work in the afternoon. This includes organizing online events and planning and organizing sales activities.

What do you like most about GetMyInvoices?
There are several things: the direct customer contact and the fact that we are a super team in which things also go well on a human level. I also think it’s great that I get to accompany the development of a future-oriented product and see that there is a really big demand for it.

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