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Like our invoice management software, our team is truly international. Manuel Viebrantz, for example, works from the Philippine Island of Palawan. The 42-year-old business administration graduate, whose passion is working on PCs, assists users in the support area, especially with the connection of online portals.


How did you end up in the Philippines and how long have you been living there?

In 2009/2010, I did a six-month internship in Singapore and was in different places every other weekend. Even then it was clear to me that I wanted to go to the Philippines one day. In 2013, it happened that I met with a friend working in China there. At that time, I met my wife. Then I flew back and forth several times until I quit my job in Germany and emigrated.

What were you doing in Germany?

I ran a store at Detlev Louis. Just about every motorcyclist knows the chain store and mail-order retailer for motorcycle clothing, spare parts and accessories.

How was the transition to the Philippines?

Getting a foot in the door wasn’t that easy. I had no reserves and started from scratch. First, I lived in Manila for four months, hoping to get a job. But that proved impossible without prior employment.

How did you find out about GetMyInvoices?

When I was in Germany between jobs, I met my friend Florian (note: Florian Christ, CEO, and Co-Founder of fino). He said that he might have a job for me. Through the initial work for fino, which became more and more bit by bit, I then got to know GetMyInvoices.

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What exactly do you work on for GetMyInvoices?

I take care of the tickets in which users describe problems with downloading documents from online portals. This is in second-level support, while Jan-Niklas (note: Jan-Niklas Sickes) and his colleagues take care of first-level support. Since the difficulties have the most diverse causes and consequently different solutions, almost every case is different. If something needs to be changed in the technology, I coordinate directly with the developers.

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How does the collaboration across different time zones work?

It’s now well established and works quite well. On Wednesdays, the GetMyInvoices team coordinates via Zoom. In addition, we have video calls with our European colleagues in support.

What do you particularly like about your work for GetMyInvoices?

I appreciate the great trust that Björn (note: Björn Kahle, Product Owner of GetMyInvoices) and his colleagues have in me. They know what they need and then give the tasks to our team with the certainty that “we’ll get it done”. I also like the family atmosphere without investors who only have numbers in mind every day. There is a lot of trial and error at GetMyInvoices, and the collaboration is very pleasant.

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Do you miss Germany?

Yes, of course, my family – especially now that flying is still quite complicated due to the pandemic. I can’t be sure that I’ll get through well and without quarantine. Nevertheless, I feel comfortable here. I have a family – including dogs – and not the problem of having special German food on the table.

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