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By automating preparatory accounting, GetMyInvoices frees up a lot of time for its users. That time can be spent on other things important to them. Sebastian Janus utilizes these newfound time savings to improve the strategic positioning of ScaleupLab, his business consultancy for start-ups.

Entrepreneurship and business run in the 35-year-old’s blood. When he was just 17 years old, Sebastian began to sell items on eBay to turn a profit. About five years later, he founded his first digital start-up: Tredex. It merged with Runners Point and was eventually taken over by Foot Locker, where Sebastian took responsibility for the Europe-wide eCommerce division of the business as CFO. After his exit from the company and a year-long round-the-world trip, he founded ScaleupLab in 2018 to help other entrepreneurs by letting them benefit from his experience. It was at that time that Bochum-born Sebastian came across GetMyInvoices – rather by coincidence online. “I registered, tried out the functions and found that it’s a solution for me”, he remembers.

Few manual chores

Sebastian JanusAt first, he started using GetMyInvoices himself. He connected the email postbox that received his bills with our invoice management solution, so that the software automatically imported all incoming invoices and read relevant information, like invoice dates and amounts. As well as that, Sebastian linked the about 20 online portals that his suppliers used to provide invoices to him with GetMyInvoices. This meant that all documents from those portals were also downloaded to the central document management. Then he installed the scan app, to digitize documents like receipts on the go and automatically upload those to GetMyInvoices. On the one hand, this meant that he now had all documents in just one location. On the other hand, he set up automatic synchronizations with sevDesk and DATEV, which meant that all his invoices and receipts were available for further processing in his accounting solution virtually in real-time.

Only when two-factor authentication in an app necessitates a new login, Sebastian has to act. Apart from that the only manual chores left are booking bank accounts and initiating transfers. “The time savings are enormous”, Sebastian reports, and says: “Since I run a lot of consultations in the controlling sector, I realized that my clients face the same challenge I did when it comes to organizing documents: missing invoices, because there are simply a lot of documents that have to be gathered from different sources at the end of a month.”

More energy for the development of start-ups

Sebastian’s aim is to achieve swift monthly settlements for businesses and avoid frequent inquiries. For that reason, he helps start-ups to digitize and automate the relevant processes. GetMyInvoices makes this very simple. And because employees don’t have to be constantly reminded of handing in or dealing with documents, management tasks become easier, too. Moreover, GetMyInvoices is seated in Germany – and thus a solution he can actively contribute to himself with his suggestions. For those reasons, he helps his clients to set up GetMyInvoices.

Apart from himself and his wife Olivia Janus, co-founder of the start-up BEAUTYSELF, five of his clients are already working with our invoice management solution. The reactions are consistently positive: “Most people are happy about the automation”, says Sebastian, and explains: “It solves a Main Pain point, for instance in businesses that place a lot of orders on Amazon. Now they don’t have to look for, request or collect individual invoices. All documents end up directly in accounting.”

The result: Sebastian’s clients don’t have to spend time on inconvenient routine chores like searching and gathering invoices anymore but can dedicate themselves to the vital optimization of their every-day business. This is why he wants to continue recommending GetMyInvoices to start-ups – and, of course, working with it himself. Because it means having more time to extend his own expertise even further and work out the next ground-breaking idea. We’re already looking forward to it.

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