How to get the best out of your GetMyInvoices free trial

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The word ‘Free’ sounds exciting. We all want to try free stuff – be it a bar of new chocolate in town or a new software application. Chocolates are easy to try, and they finish fast! But what about software applications? Not easy like tasting a piece of chocolate, right?

free trial

Research reports say the global Accounts Payable Automation Market size is expected to grow from USD 1.9 billion in 2019 to USD 3.1 billion by 2024. Here are some ways to get the maximum value out of your free trial for accounting and invoicing applications. Let us talk about tips for a Free trial for You can opt for a Free full 14-day trial.

Let’s get started with the tips for maximizing your free trial.

Follow the EASY flow

Invoices abound in plenty, and you may have invoices spread out across multiple platforms. It is tiring to chase and get invoices from various locations. Use GetMyInvoices to import invoices automatically from any platform.

You get all your invoices together in one consolidated platform. Moreover, once you connect your bank account, you can link invoices with transactions. You can also pay invoices using GetMyInvoices. There are multiple options like bank accounts and cards.

Use accurate information as data inputs!

One naturally tends to put in some dummy text to try any new application, especially if it’s a free trial. Avoid that, please. The best experience on any application is to use actual data that is not personally identifiable.

Actual data will give you an authentic experience of how it appears in various screens and processes. Ultimately you want to see good quality data in the reports, else the information won’t be apparent.

For example, you can understand and compare the advantages and super convenience in performing accounting or invoicing transactions in GetMyInvoices or any other application only when you use good quality data.

Try the Apps – Scan and Extract needed Invoice data!

Are you bothered with cumbersome paper invoices? In the free trial, you can experience mobile app options to scan paper invoices and load required information onto Make sure you try all the integration options in the free trial so you get a 360-degree enriching experience of the GetMyInvoices product.

Seek Help anytime

Even though you are trying out GetMyInvoices in the free trial period, reach out to our customer care in case of any doubts. We know you may be busy managing your daily work and trying out GetMyInvoices, but our proactive customer care team will handle your queries on priority and address them ASAP! So, get cracking the best features in the GetMyInvoices free trial. Good luck!

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