Increased Digitalization in Tax Consultancy – Food for Thought

Thursday, 20. August 2020 | 0 Comments

Tax consultants’ offices have taken significant steps forward during the past year in terms of digitalization. The Corona crisis has also contributed to an increase in digitalization, it has been documented by the German software- and IT service provider DATEV’s current digitalization index. At the same time, the fact that still roughly half of all documents are received in paper format shows that there’s still a lot of room to improve. We can assume that this situation doesn’t greatly differ in other countries. It is not as difficult as many might think, though, to make the most of the yet unused potential.

Success factor digital data input

The digitalization level depends, according to DATEV, on the degree of data input digitalization. That means: “The more advanced the digitalization of incoming data, the easier it is to digitalize further internal processes and the data output, and to make organizational adjustments.” Here, GetMyInvoices optimally supports businesses and thus creates the prerequisites for the application of Tax Tech. Our software ensures that you as a tax consultant receive your clients’ documents automatically, digitally and immediately.

GetMyInvoices automatically gathers your clients’ incoming and outgoing invoices from the most diverse sources. Those range from thousands of online portals over email postboxes to third-party solutions like invoicing tools. So they will no longer have any reason for printing digitally received invoices and forward those to you using a pendulum file system – which isn’t legally permissible, in any way. Rather, this is an occasion for contacting partners, who still send invoices by post, and ask them to make these documents digitally available. As well as that, GetMyInvoices offers a scan app to simply digitalize receipts that occur on the go and upload those to our invoice management solution.

All documents can be managed using a web browser, and automatic forwarding to all common accounting programmes and to you as a tax consultant can be set up in just a few simple steps.

Pleasant working processes on all levels

With its range of different packages, GetMyInvoices adjusts to your processes. You benefit with a transparent client management system that clearly displays all your connected clients. You can directly log in to your clients’ accounts any time to view all invoices and account systems – received through GetMyInvoices. As well as that, you’ve got the option to request further portals for invoice downloads, to create tickets for clients, and to upload your own invoices to the client’s account.

The cooperation between you and your clients is significantly simplified and becomes more efficient. You can provide evidence for your digital competence with our digital expert badge – and set yourself apart from your competition. As you can see, the advantages go far beyond purely saving time, optimizing processes and safeguarding the future, which are often viewed as the most important drivers of digitalization processes. Presumed obstacles, like a lack of the clients’ willingness or the time effort regarding implementation, prove themselves to be non-existent with GetMyInvoices – because our invoice management solution is immediately ready for use, doesn’t require maintenance thanks to the cloud, can be operated intuitively, and almost completely relieves your clients of all manual chores in preparatory accounting. Ergo: no more reasons for clinging to manual processes!

Utilize even more possibilities

More again, GetMyInvoices helps you to spare your limited personnel resources. If you as a tax consultant use further digital solutions, you can increase this effect even further.

One example is e-learning, which covers many qualification measures. Just as travel efforts and expenses can be avoided here, the same is possible for a lot of client communications. During the Corona crisis, large numbers of people learned to use conference software and similar programmes, meaning that many a business trip will be substituted by a virtual meeting. And that saves time and money. Give it a go

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