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For many companies, organizing the various types of documents – orders, invoices, contracts, etc. – is a feat that permanently consumes valuable resources. With a document management system (DMS), the whole thing becomes much easier. Ralf Schmitz, responsible for Reseller Sales & Distribution at the ecoDMS GmbH, explains how such solutions work, how business owners find and implement a suitable system – and, of course, how they work seamlessly with GetMyInvoices.

Ralf Schmitz, zuständig für Reseller Sales & Vertrieb bei der ecoDMS GmbH






What exactly does DMS mean?
The DMS is software for the database-supported management of all electronic documents. It maps their entire life cycle. From creation and processing to audit-proof archiving and deletion. It supports rights and roles as well as workflows. The individual functions vary depending on the provider.

Interaction with GetMyInvoices
ecoDMS, for instance, is a document management system with a wide range of functions. The developers place particular emphasis on high connectivity and enable, among other things, the automatic archiving of documents from GetMyInvoices. To do this, users only need to store their access data in GetMyInvoices for the sources from which they receive documents and set up synchronization with ecoDMS. In this way, GetMyInvoices retrieves invoices and other documents from various sources and transfers them to ecoDMS without manual effort.

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Automation advantages
Subsequently, all desired documents are available to the user completely and almost in real-time in the DMS. As a result, their processing time is shortened enormously. This is the case with invoices, for example, and pays off immediately in the form of cash discounts.

The fact that the DMS is used as a central information system and enables all authorized employees to access the respective documents means that everyone always works with the same document version. This improves data quality. Errors, for example because some employees use an outdated version of a document, cannot occur. This in turn contributes to improving the customer experience and the success of the company.

What requirements should a DMS meet?
To ensure that the software supports the company-specific processes in the best possible way, those responsible should define exactly which functions they need in order to find suitable solutions. The following requirements list can help.

Important functions at a glance:
  • easy capturing of documents (import in various formats, scanning)
  • clear filing e.g. through automatic classification and linking of files
  • audit-proof, GoBD-compliant storage Intuitive operability
  • Location and device-independent access to documents filter and search functions
  • Interfaces to the required solutions (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • export options
  • Sscalability
  • Capture important details in service level agreements and other contracts, such as for order processing
  • Support that assists with questions

Reorganize processes

Using the potential of a DMS, workflows such as filing, checking, and retrieving an invoice can be re-organized and made considerably easier. Before using a DMS, it is therefore important to define routines and establish control and approval processes. To ensure that the DMS is used to its full potential, all processes should be rehearsed in a small group prior to company-wide use. It is advisable to gather user feedback and adapt the processes accordingly. This is worthwhile. After all, if employees are involved in shaping their work, acceptance of the DMS improves. This is a point that cannot be emphasized enough. After all, any DMS can only be as good as its users.

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