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The REICHARDT – Buchhaltungsservice from Munich has a challenging mission: Giving a new image to accounting. With the help of our invoice management solution, Florian Reichardt (Graduate in business administration, tax clerk, and business mediator) a.k.a. the long-haired accountant, demonstrates that this job can be anything but dusty, boring, and time-consuming. His clients learn that many processes can be automated. Therefore, there is more time left for substantial tasks of the business, as well as private things.

For more than three years, Florian Reichardt is using GetMyInvoices for his business and many clients. He was looking for a tool to make accounting easier for his clients, and he was excited when he first found GetMyInvoices online. That’s because the software collects documents automatically from online portals, bank accounts, credit card invoices, invoices from the mail, documents from tools for invoice creation, and other tools. Documents on paper can be scanned with the App and uploaded in that way. In the backend, all receipts can be organized easily through the web browser. In the process, the banking module enables their automatic assignment to payments. Besides, the desired documents can be transferred – depending on the workflow – after release or automatically to numerous other solutions and the tax advisor. This eliminates the need for clients of REICHARDT – Accounting Services to log into customer portals, scan invoices received by post, collect outgoing invoices, and forward them manually.

Having every client in mind

For his work, Florian Reichardt is using the multitenant enterprise-version of GetMyInvoices. Through this, he can invite users to work together and activate them. Through the dashboard, the accountant has access to all linked accounts, around 20 of them. Moreover, he can manage his own account. He has connected about 30 different customer portals for the REICHARDT accounting service so that all invoices received via these portals are automatically imported into GetMyInvoices. He uses the banking module to assign payments to documents. Furthermore, outgoing invoices are collected in GetMyInvoices. Receipts such as hospitality and postage vouchers are scanned by the accountant with the corresponding app on his smartphone so that all documents can be found in GetMyInvoices – as well as those of his clients. From there, they are forwarded to the accounting software of sevDesk and lexoffice or to DATEV, depending on which solution the respective client uses. As a result, receipts that are forgotten or submitted too late are a thing of the past. “In addition to that, accounting becomes more efficient,” says Florian Reichardt. GetMyInvoices frees up his time for other projects.

Transferring knowledge via online courses

Florian already created an online course to share his experience with GetMyInvoices. The accountant shows how entrepreneurs and freelancers can take advantage of GetMyInvoices and save an hour and therefore money with his course „Automated Accounting“. Moreover, he created an Accounting-Kickstarter-Workshop. Here participants learn how to automate their accounting. The result: Almost all of his clients for whom the invoice management solution is suitable to have created an account. They no longer have to prepare the accounting in a time-consuming manner and can concentrate on their day-to-day business – exactly in line with the philosophy of the REICHARDT accounting service. He also has the freedom to allow more clients to benefit from revolutionary accounting and to make plans. Thus, Florian Reichardt is already thinking about which useful tools he can still provide to his clients.

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