No More Document-Chasing in Tax Consultancies

Thursday, 17. September 2020 | 0 Comments

Are you a tax consultant and annoyed about clients dropping off documents in suspension files; or fed up with having to remind clients to hand in invoices and other paperwork? Your annoyance is understandable, since analogue documents and reminders take up your time – and don’t improve your client-relationship. Luckily, there is a way for you to make sure that you’ll receive all documents digitally and automatically in future. With GetMyInvoices, this is so easy that neither you nor your clients have any implementation effort to deal with.

GetMyInvoices is cloud-based and operational straight away, so you and your clients don’t have to install any software and can get started anytime. The solution automatically gathers incoming and outgoing invoices as well as your clients’ receipts and account statements from the most diverse sources. Those include thousands of online portals, email postboxes and third-party solutions like invoicing tools. Receipts can be captured using an app. All documents are stored centrally and can be forwarded directly to accounting solutions, and to you as a tax consultant, using the interfaces with DATEV Unternehmen Online, ADDISON OneClick and Stotax Select. All that needs to be done is initially entering the access data once.

Benefits for you and your clients

The benefits include:

  • No more effort. Completely manual chores of gathering and forwarding documents are a thing of the past.
  • No document will be forgotten.
  • Because the check for new documents and their forwarding can be timed, it is possible to arrange your settings so that all accounting-/tax-relevant documents are with you not just on time, but virtually in real-time.
  • Automatic reading of information. This means: no copying and typing of invoice amounts, customer details, etc.
  • In case you or your client are searching for a particular document, you’ll find it easily from any web browser, anytime and from anywhere in the world.
  • Easy cooperation. If you’ve got a question regarding a document, you can ask your client using the integrated communication centre.

You will find yourself on a safe path with GetMyInvoices and will be able to improve the digitalization of your office. The level of digitalization of your data input determines to a large extend the digitalization level of your business. The more progressive the digitalization of incoming data, the easier further internal processes and data output can be digitalized, and organizational adjustments made – according to the DATEV Digitalization Index 2020. Correspondingly, data input in digital form has increased in tax consultancies, particularly the digital data input via direct interfaces. Especially small consultancies have made enormous progress. The most-cited obstacles are the client’s acceptance and/or suitability (65 percent) and the time-effort of implementation (55 percent). GetMyInvoices, however, clears those obstacles.

As well as that, you gain resources for your employees in times of staff-shortness. Your employees will have higher capacity to concentrate on their core tasks, which in turn benefits clients.

A service-win and competitive advantage

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from different GetMyInvoices packages – from the free starter client postbox to a package customized to your corporate design to offer your clients an outstanding service. Your client management displays all your linked clients. You can log in to an account to view all invoices or account statements received via GetMyInvoices at any time. Furthermore, you can request more portals for invoice download, create client tickets and upload your invoice to the client’s account. As well as that, we offer you our Digital Expert badge. This shows your clients, and prospective customers looking for a progressive tax consultant, that digitalization is more than just a buzzword to you. Set yourself apart from other tax offices. From only five client accounts, you’ll receive your Bronze Digital Expert badge, and your own account will be free of charge. You’ll also have a personal contact person, access to exclusive training and much more.

So stop chasing after missing documents! Try GetMyInvoices three months without commitment and free of charge!

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