5 Steps on How to Optimize Vendor Management Process

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vendor management

Developing stable and strong relationships with suppliers is key to fulfilling your business’s mission. The way to do it is by prioritizing mutually beneficial agreements with vendors. Such arrangements can get achieved by implementing effective vendor management practices. The foundation for effective vendor management practices in any business lies in developing a robust vendor management system.

Effective vendor management process: 5 steps

To establish a sound vendor management system, follow the five steps mentioned as follows:

  1. Goal sharing and goal prioritization

Setting goals is vital. The goals need to be measurable, transparent, and rank-ordered. Goal setting and sharing are fundamental for a successful vendor management strategy. Once set, you should consider sharing the established business objectives with your vendors. Sharing objectives with vendors is critical for rapport-building and a goal-oriented approach in place.

When you share goals with your vendors, it improves communication. Responsiveness and accountability between you and your vendors improve if both parties respect the other’s KPIs and goals.

  1. Identification and selection of the correct vendors

Risk management and cost-benefit analysis are crucial aspects when it comes to the selection of the right vendors. Identifying and selecting vendors who can fulfill your business goals with minimum risk is essential. The vendor selection process is more like an art form than a scientific process. While selecting vendors, it’s about establishing the right balance. Acquisition of competitive bids while assuring good prospects with commitment is the balance you need to maintain.

Once you’ve selected the most valuable vendors, it is advisable to establish a strategic partnership with one of them. Then, prioritize the establishment of long-term relationships with potential vendors. Do not prioritize maximizing short-term savings and marginal cost savings with vendors who have the potential to become strategic partners. 

  1. Negotiation for a win-win outcome with vendors

Awareness of your supplier’s goals and needs to negotiate a win-win outcome with your vendors is essential. Your suppliers are prioritizing their bottom line, just like you. Therefore, only prioritizing your business objectives without considering your vendors’ can lead to reduced product or service quality. Thorough research is vital to avoid such occurrences. Researching your vendor’s business model is essential. It will help you verify whether you can prioritize your vendor’s profitability while also prioritizing your own.  

  1. KPI monitoring and maintenance of communication

Suppliers, in reality, don’t perform to the set standards delineated in a contract. Therefore, business owners and CFOs should monitor the performance of their suppliers through various KPIs. Some universal KPIs that should be tracked include order completion time, shipping time, call answer time, service quality, and Advance ship notice (ASN) accuracy. The establishment of a direct and open communication stream with your vendors will enable you to track these KPIs and other relevant KPIs throughout the duration of the contract.

  1. Investing in the appropriate tools

To avoid and minimize errors, save time, and reduce costs, it is crucial to invest in the right tools and software for organizing big supply chain data. Investing in vendor management software is essential. Vendor management is using artificial intelligence applications for improving efficiency. It will help in the appropriate utilization and efficient organization of the data through automated technologies. Vendor management systems that are manual are outdated, labor-intensive, and time-consuming. Automated vendor management systems minimize the occurrence of errors (like duplicate files, wrong data entries, etc.) and automatically update master vendor files.

Moreover, today’s digital invoice management applications software like GetMyInvoices digital invoicing delivers benefits like saving time by downloading invoices automatically from multiple vendor portals. You must ensure that your vendors are technology-savvy to provide invoices in digital formats. In the case of manual invoices, you can scan invoices using mobile apps and use relevant information.

Use the above tips and improve your vendor management system for better efficiency and productivity.

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