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04 Aug 2017

GetMyInvoices Update August 2017

Summer. This means it’s getting hot. And that’s why we’ve got some hot updates for you: Manual Download GetMyInvoices fetches regularly every seven days your invoices, this part isn’t changing. What has changed, is that you are now able to start this download manually. This is very helpful, when the end of the month is […]

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19 Jul 2017

New partnership with

We are pleased to proclaim a new partnership with, a successful online accounting software from the Netherlands. We’re looking forward to working together on new challenges. Customers of will now save a lot of time because of the integration of GetMyInvoices into the bookkeeping-process. e-Boekhouden was created in the year 2000 from the […]

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10 Jul 2017

GetMyInvoices Update July 2017

This month, we may announce many improvements to your GetMyInvoices-platform. New connections for synchronisation: We became partners with four bookkeeping systems and a cloud-storage-service, and so we can happily announce the following new connections: Zoho Docs: a US-american filehosting-service which offers the hosting of user files which can be accessed from everywhere Intuit® QuickBooks: is […]

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27 Jun 2017

Interview with Nicolai Hofsø from

Today we are able to announce a new cooperation with a Danish partner, is a program that manages your invoices, spendings, solvency, sales figures and so on. If you are already using, you can now connect your GetMyInvoices account with your billy account and so transfer your invoices to this accounting program. […]

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20 Jun 2017

New Partnership with ITESOFT | W4 UK

We are happy to announce a new partnership with ITESOFT | W4 UK, a leading software vendor for Business Process Automation. We’re looking forward to working together on new challenges. Customers of ITESOFT | W4 will now benefit from the direct integration of the invoice fetching software GetMyInvoices and save a lot of time in […]

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29 Mar 2017

GetMyInvoices Update March 2017

Birds are singing, trees blossom, everywhere nature is awakening… Spring is around the corner. And since spring is a time of beginnings and innovations, we also developed a lot of new features for GetMyInvoices. That’s why the latest update is about the following: New Feature: Extract entries with your mouse For the most time, scanning […]

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06 Feb 2017

GetMyInvoices Update February 17

New Year is often coming with some changes, and so does GetMyInvoices. To make it possible for you to use your papers to light a fire in your chimney, instead of increasing your desktop pile, we made some improvements for you. Automatically download your Amazon Marketplace Invoices Everybody knows it, (almost) anybody uses it: the […]

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17 Nov 2016

GetMyInvoices Update November 16

Many of you already saved a huge amount of time by using GetMyInvoices. To make it possible for you to put even more of your time into expedient tasks, we extended our features one more time. So far, GetMyInvoices was only able to recognize invoices in your mailbox sent by familiar companies. Apart from that […]

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25 Oct 2016

GetMyInvoices Update October 16

We made the following improvements at GetMyInvoices: Cooperation with CANDIS: Now you’re able to use GetMyInvoices more effectively than ever! The accounting software CANDIS embeds GetmyInvoices as an importing module. Thanks to this cooperation you may not only import your invoices and scan them with your mobile, but also synchronize it with your bank account […]

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27 Jul 2016

GetMyInvoices moves from desktop to the cloud

Our faithful customers already know: with GetMyInvoices, you can gather, manage and transfer incoming invoices in no time! The system automatically collects invoices from web portals and emails, receipts can be scanned with a smartphone and it takes just a few clicks to organize, locate and send the documents you need. The latest relaunch makes […]

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