Pandemic impacts on VDI – Virtual and desktop infrastructure

Thursday, 17. June 2021 | 0 Comments

Virtual and desktop infrastructure

We might never have imagined such a rush for remote working capabilities as seen over the last year. Support from Virtual and desktop infrastructure (VDI) providers has been instrumental in successfully sustaining their operations amid the lockdowns and movement restrictions.


The COVID-19 pandemic and eventual shift to work from home have disrupted numerous technologies and focused on how IT services get delivered to their workforce.

However, there has been a substantial development in the VDI (Virtual and desktop infrastructure) and DaaS (Desktop as a Service) with the pandemic and its effects. The growth in these services was due to the robust demand of stirring the whole business process to remote working. 

SMBs are enthusiastic about VDI (Virtual and desktop infrastructure) for future-ready offices with remote working gathering momentum. However, providing standardized desktops and laptops to end-users is an enduring IT challenge. All these devices require ongoing maintenance and assistance to keep users productive and data secure. The maintenance process involves customer care support, hardware, and software purchases which consume time and effort to maintain.

DaaS (Desktop as a Service)

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to work remotely rather than have office-based functions. DaaS helps to avail all these facilities at the user level without the expensive option to purchase new hardware. DaaS allows enterprises to move from old models to service delivery for end-users. DaaS/VDI competence and pricing flexibility, and pricing advanced significantly due to increased cloud service providers.

DaaS (Desktop as a Service) helps companies to supply desktops according to the business requirement with standard applications efficiently in no less time. The resilience and speed of service delivery by DaaS in covid times are an excellent business opportunity for growth. In addition, Daas helps to reduce hardware ownership and assist staff in supporting remote workers. 

The Future of VDI Post Covid

According to World Health Organization(WHO), some of the worst pandemics hit countries are the USA, India, Brazil, and it will take ample time for industries in these countries to recover. Industries and companies are still on the recovery curve of growth curve due to pandemic effects, so it is a bit premature to conclude the exact figures. However, the trend growth seems promising towards DaaS/VDI deployment.

VDI technology and Daas perform a gripping role in the industry by compliantly delivering apps & services to end-user. Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD) are helpful in these pandemic times by providing data from anywhere hosted in the cloud. HVP also offers an extra layer of security and check with a single access authority.

 So, we can say that the VDI industry is optimistic and provides organizations with future-ready digital workstations for end-users. This industry is still growing, and we will get to see more advancements in the virtualization area in post covid times.

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