10 Essential travel tips for the small business owner

Friday, 13. May 2022 | 0 Comments

As a small business owner, the prospect of traveling for business purposes can be both daunting and exciting. One of the problems small businesses face concerning business travel is that it can get quite expensive. Having smooth business trips is something that all small business owners desire. Business owners want to use travel time productively with minimal impact to the business while they are away. So, if you are a business owner looking for some helpful and productive business travel tips, read on!

Helpful tips when traveling for business

Here are some practical travel tips for small businesses that you can consider implementing for improving productivity  when traveling for business:

  1. Be on the lookout for co-working spaces

One of the unavoidable consequences of being a small-business owner is that you may have to catch up on work whenever and wherever you can. It applies to business travelers as well. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll opt for the default option of being cooped up in your hotel room for work always.

Consider working in co-working spaces as this will help you concentrate better or have a quiet meeting place. It is a change in your physical environment. Most importantly, it is an excellent opportunity to network with individuals from your industry!

  1. A hotel rewards program

When traveling for business, one of the great ways to get access to many benefits and perks while traveling for business is to sign up for hotel rewards programs. If you find yourself traveling reasonably frequently for business, it can be a great way to cut travel expenses and experience some perks of business travel. Ensure that your points get logged in loyalty programs irrespective of the hotel rewards.

  1. Collect air miles

Another great way to reduce travel costs is to collect air miles. Consider signing up for air miles with airlines used for corporate traveling purposes. You can experience seat upgrades, lower costs, and other benefits when you’re frequently flying for business and personal reasons.

  1. Obtain airport lounge access

Try to get access to airport lounges to ensure that your business trips are comfortable and productive. Lounges offer many services like free food and beverages, showers, comfortable seating areas to relax or get work done, and more.

  1. Purchase travel insurance

Ensuring financial security while traveling for frequent business travelers is very important. This way, you get prepared during your business travel for any unforeseen emergencies.

traveling for business

  1. Track business travel expense reports regularly.

Tracking the expenses incurred and making expense reports regularly while on your business trips is not really fun, but it is essential. It’s probably the most critical business travel tip for small businesses. Backtracking receipts for expenses can be tedious. Try to log the costs through a mobile app or access your official accounting and invoicing software. You could also take photos of receipts on the travel and consolidate them later.

  1. Consider investing in invoice automation software.

Accounts payable responsibilities are probably one of the most critical responsibilities of a business owner. So, consider investing in invoice automation tools to track and execute AP functions even when you’re traveling. Modern invoice management applications automatically download invoices from various portals. It saves you time and resources.

  1. Maintain healthy habits

Keeping mentally and physically fit during business travel is crucial for a successful trip. Finding strategies to tackle jet lag, eating healthy, physical activity, etc., are important aspects of business travel.

  1. Get noise-canceling earphones

Another great way to have smooth business trips is to get noise-canceling earphones so that you can relax or work peacefully during travel.

  1. Pack efficiently

Making a great impression as a small business owner is essential. So, looking presentable on your business trips is vital. Therefore, ensure that you pack light but have all the essentials making for an efficient trip.

Consider implementing the above-mentioned small business travel tips for a great travel experience!

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