Automation to empower Tax Advisers and Businesses for seamless collaborative working in the pandemic

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Social distancing norms to limit the spread of the coronavirus have impacted normal business processes. Work from home has increased.  Conferences and trade fairs are getting canceled. According to the digital association Bitkom , every fifth employee is working remotely for the first time because of COVID-19. We have compiled a list of beneficial solutions. We have compiled a list of beneficial software solutions that include accounting for small business and other integrated solutions.


Digital invoice management with GetMyInvoices

The GetMyInvoices invoicing online application is cloud-based and can get documents from multiple sources and forward them to other applications in the required formats. Easy web access to the same records makes it simple for your employees, accountants, or tax advisors.

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Save even more time through automation: Link your online portals, mail accounts, and scan app with GetMyInovices and through automatic export to any accounting tool. Skip manual invoicing totally!

Digital signing with DocuSign

Instantly approve an order, close a transaction or sign an agreement – DocuSign helps to sign, preparing, executing and managing contracts electronically. The free trial account can be used for 30 days.

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Fast communication with Webex, Zoom, and others

Against the background of the challenges posed by Corona, Cisco extended their free Webex offer. According to a blog post, the free version now allows conferences for up to 100 participants and indefinite use. As well as that, Cisco provides a free 90-day license to companies that aren’t yet Webex customers, so that conferences and online workshops are possible without additional costs.

Zoom is another useful tool, offering unlimited one-to-one meetings, and group conferences of 40 minutes for up to 100 participants.

Slack aids in making teamwork more productive. The free version enables limited access to chat messages and one-to-one conversation between team members, using audio and video calls.

Microsoft Teams – a service integrated in the Office 365 Suite – combines chats, meetings, notes, and attachments.

  • How many participants do you need?
  • Do you need a recording of the meeting?
  • Do you want a free version?

Data exchange with cloud storage

Dropbox is a widely used file hosting service that stores data in the cloud and synchronizes it with connected devices. Thus, users have access to their documents anytime, anywhere. Moreover, with Dropbox teams can conveniently work on documents together.

Google Drive is another file hosting service. It enables users to store any type of document in the cloud and to access those from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Google Drive also allows to easily share, download and work jointly on documents. GetMyInvoices can be linked to Dropbox or Google Drive via interfaces for more convenient document exchange like sending invoices or performing cloud invoicing.

Document management system

With SharePoint , users can access, save, organize and release information location-independently from almost any device. All they need is a web browser like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. SharePoint simplifies team cooperation, for example in the context of projects.

The 3ecm system helps businesses to organize information sustainably. More and more business processes are displayed in a way that noticeably increases transparency and work satisfaction. Thanks to integrable HTML5 technology and mobile apps for different operating systems, employees are able to continuously access information and processes.

In conclusion:
Even as the world gradually overcomes the pandemic, software for bookkeeping and cloud invoicing tools coupled with digital office and remote working will improve productivity, saving costs and time.

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Better overview. Less accounting work. More time for your ideas.

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