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Wednesday, 3. March 2021 | 0 Comments
Whether it is e-commerce retailers, manufacturers, producers, or service providers – all companies have to adapt to changing conditions again and again within a very short time. This is often associated with different requirements for the IT systems. Conventional standardized solutions usually cause problems. Because the options for modifying something are rare. But it works differently – with software that can be flexibly adapted with just a few mouse clicks. One example is xentral.

xentral is an ERP cloud software with the power to bundle all business processes centrally in one place – from e-commerce to warehousing, production, and fulfillment to accounting. Users can put together exactly the business solution they need. From numerous interfaces and apps, they simply select the ones they need for their processes. In this way, the lean, intuitively designed software architecture grows with the requirements.

Automatic document import

If, for example, more and more documents are being generated from different sources due to increased business activity, it is worth selecting and activating GetMyInvoices from the available apps. The invoice management solution automatically collects documents from more than 10,000 different online portals. These range from telephone bills and supplier invoices to electricity bills. Everything required is a one-time deposit of access data and the creation of a synchronization account to xentral. This is done in just a few steps. Subsequently, all documents are automatically exported to xentral via the interface.

In the ERP solution, the documents are displayed in the “Document Scanner”. From there, they can be processed directly. For example, it is possible to create a new liability with an incoming invoice. A liability for which a purchase order already exists can simply be assigned. Of course, postings can also be made, or other steps performed. These include the legal and audit-proof storage of documents as well as the transfer of documents to further systems such as Datev, DATEVConnect online, BMD, Sage, and Taxdoo.

Always up-to-date 

In short: Time-consuming and nerve-racking activities are automated with xentral and GetMyInvoices in a seamless interaction. All documents enter the business system without manual effort – almost in real-time and with fewer errors due to the lack of media breaks. This not only saves business owners a lot of regularly recurring work. They can also access important current company key figures. Also, they can see all open customer invoices and receivables at a glance and keep an eye on their liquidity. What’s more, with the help of the right dashboards and reports, many questions can be answered in an instant, such as: Which items are selling the most? Which channels are performing best? Which items are returned and how often? As a result, modern startups and established businesses in all industries always have the information to help them get a little better every day and keep growing. Try it out for free!

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