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GØLD's Case Study

With GetMyInvoices incoming invoices in the service of men's care


About GØLD's

GØLD's is a specialist in men's cosmetics. We were one of the first companies in Germany to take on the topic of beard care. When I started, my co-founders and I were still students. At that time, we grew a beard and realized that there were only some grooming products from the USA that were not suitable for our age group. So we thought we would try to create good care products ourselves. My mother is a pharmacist and helped us with the prescription. This is how our first product, a beard care oil, was created. We gave it out to friends who loved it. Apparently we had discovered a niche. We had no idea back then that we would grow so big. We now have 15 different products in our portfolio, for example for hairstyling, skin and facial care, which we sell through lifestyle stores, barbershops, hairdressing salons and our online shop.”



Men's cosmetics




November 2021

customer since

“GetMyInvoices is a huge help, giving me five to six hours of valuable time every month.”
Martin Morrás Ganskow, Managing Director of GØLD's GbR

Initial situation:

Search for receipts and remind employees

“As part of the accounting, for which I am responsible, I ensure that all receipts are recorded in our system and that the tax advisor receives them on time. In November last year, it was enough for me to keep looking for receipts or chasing employees and asking them to send me the receipts. When I spoke to Daniel Singh, CEO of Concrete Jungle, about the issue one evening, he recommended GetMyInvoices to me. I created a test account and it quickly became clear that I had found what I was looking for.”


Automation with GetMyInvoices

“When setting it up, I immediately exceeded the document limit. But the support was super nice, super fast and helped me without any problems so that I could connect everything. We collect all receipts via GetMyInvoices. We have connected two email inboxes and almost 20 online portals, including DHL, Google and Facebook. In addition, our employees conveniently record any fuel receipts that arise on the go using the app. All receipts, including relevant invoice information, are then automatically transferred to our weclapp merchandise management system on a daily basis. We also use the software for accounting and to forward documents to our tax advisor. GetMyInvoices automates all of our invoice receipt. Given the 150 to 200 bills per month, I save five to six hours of time.


Our top 3 features


Import of invoices from online portals


Import invoices from email inboxes and scan receipts via app


Automatic forwarding of receipts to weclapp

Our tip for entrepreneurs

“I recommend GetMyInvoices to everyone because it makes work noticeably easier. Start-ups in the early stages in particular should think immediately about how they structure their accounting. Otherwise it will require a lot more work later.”

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