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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding GetMyInvoices

Here you find answers to the most important questions.
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GetMyInvoices offers a central online platform for managing your incoming invoices. GetMyInvoices downloads invoices fully automated from online portals, checks E-mail-Accounts for new invoices, provides a central email inbox and allows you to scan receipts with your smartphone.

For the download of invoices from online portals, GetMyInvoices automates a web-browser and logs into your accounts. It navigates to the correct invoice pages of the portals and downloads the invoices from there.

You find the available Online-Portals on our website: List of available Portals

You can signup for a 14-days free trial at https://login.getmyinvoices.com.

You do not need a credit card or other payment information for the trial. If the trial has suspended and you don't want a paid subscription, you do not have to cancel yourself. The trial will just suspend and you will not get charged.

Limitations during trial: You get access to 3 documents for each supplier only and the E-mail Import is restricted to 100 invoices.

No, aside from credit card you can also paywith Paypal or using Direct Debit (EU customers only).

Your data is stored a secure data centers, distributed over multiple locations in Germany. Your personal information is stored encrypted and backed up every hour.

Further information you find here.

You can access GetMyInvoices from your smartphone using your web-browser. You can scan receipts with your smartphone. There is no extra app required.


Open the Invoices Module, click on the "Download as Zip" button and select all. You will receive a ZIP file containing all invoices from your account.

Just open http://login.getmyinvoices.com in the web-browser of your smartphone and log into your account. After login you will see a big scan button to scan receipts.

GetMyInvoices scans IMAP accounts for new invoices. You can configure your E-mail-Accounts here: E-mail-Import. Aside from IMAP we also support GMail-Accounts.

You can click on the "Upload Invoice" button or drag and drop the invoices into your web-browser.

Click on the edit button in the top right of the invoices module.

Invoices can be easily categorized using Tags. You can tag invoices for example with "hosting" or "marketing" as tag and then create reports using these tags. Additionally you can also search by tags in the invoice module. Tags can also be used in E-mail-Import from central email inbox. You find more information in the "Email-Import" section.

Yes, if you are in the invoices module, click on the list icon which can be found in the top right. You can then also switch back later from the list to the tile view at any time.

Click on the settings button in the invoices module to adjust the view according to your needs.

Subscription & Prices

You can find the packages here.

Yes, you can change your payment interval at any time. After the current period, the new selected interval will be applied.

Go to the Subscription Page within the application and follow the instructions there.


GetMyInvoices can find invoices in your E-mail-Account which you can connect via IMAP Protocol or Gmail API.

The system has a daily learning set of rules to identify suppliers invoices. Using Machine Learning, the rules become better every day. You can expand the rules yourself and create your own rules.

All other invoices, which do not correspond to any known rule, are searched by the system for keywords such as "Invoice" or "Receipt". You can then decide whether GetMyInvoices has suggested correctly or whether it is not an invoice. If GetMyInvoices has analyzed correctly, you can simply create a new rule and make the system "smarter" this way.

PDF attachments are imported as well as e-mails directly, which have no attachments and where the e-mail itself is the invoice.

Import Logic - as you need it:
You can now decide for each IMAP-folder or Gmail-Label, how GetMyInvoices should work for you:

Option 1: GetMyInvoices checks every e-mail against the rules and suggests e-mails as possible bills where the system believes it could be an invoice. Other e-mails are ignored.

Option 2: GetMyInvoices checks every e-mail against the rules and suggests all other e-mails that do not match any known rule as a possible invoice. This option is the right one for you, if you have created your own sub-folder for invoices and sort all e-mails containing invoices in that folder.

Option 3: GetMyInvoices checks every e-mail against the rules and imports matching assigned to suppliers. All other e-mails are imported directly as invoices, but without supplier assignment. We recommend this option only if you are 100% sure that every e-mail always contains an invoice in your folder. Otherwise, it may also be possible to import promotional emails or other e-mails that do not contain invoices.

GetMyInvoices scans your E-mail-Account every hour for new E-mails. Additionally once per day a full scan of the selected folders is performed. Aside from these auto-scans, you can also start the E-mail import manually at any time.

You can manage your E-mail-Accounts here.

With import rules you can enhance the e-mail-import process individually. We want to explain the fields at a concrete example.

If you receive the bills of your accountant by e-mail, you can create your own import rule for this.

First set a name for the new rule. Some suppliers send invoices not as PDF attachment, but the Email itself is the invoice. In such cases check "Email Body is invoice".

If those invoices are always sent from an email-address "[email protected]", then fill that email in the field "Rule value". Additionally if those invoice e-mails always contain a certain word in the subject, fill that word in "Rule value 2".

Each GetMyInvoices account has a unique email address., which you can also change if you want. You can easily forward e-mails with invoice attachments to this central email address. Furthermore you could also ask your suppliers to send their bills directly to this central email address. Then no forwarding is required at all.

When you send invoices to your central email inbox, you can use the keywords "Tags" in your email subject, followed by the tags you want to apply. If you want to assign multiple tags, separate them with comma.

Example: Hosting Invoices from Super Internet Corp. - Tags Hosting, Internet

In case you want suppliers to send invoices directly to your central inbox address, you can also add tags to your email address itself.

Example: Your inbox address is "[email protected]" and you receive invoices from a hosting company by email, you can then give them this email address to tag invoices automatically with the tags "Hosting" and "Internet":
[email protected]

So basically put tags behind your central inbox name with a plus sign.

Please look into https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202304 for more information what needs to be prepared to connect your Apple Email Account with GetMyInvoices via IMAP.

Once the connection has been set up successfully, GetMyInvoices will automatically collect all invoices from your Apple Mail Account.


You have invoices in different currencies. To sum up the amounts, all amounts were uniformly converted using the current exchange rates.

If you filter by suppliers, you can choose if you want to include those suppliers in your reports or exclude them from the reports.

For each report you find an export button on the right. You can export reports in Excel format using those buttons.

You can add tags to invoices. Tags are just like keywords. You could for example place a tag "Insurance" or "Phone". Or you could use your bookkeeping accounts here, so have a preparatory work for the accountant.


GetMyInvoices downloads invoices from online portals. However to allow you to manage also receipts from restaurants for example, you can create these as regular supplier and assign the invoices to them.

Yes, just click here to suggest portal.

Yes, that is possible.

1) Go to suppliers module
2) Click on the username
3) A dialog opens where you see a column "Actions" on the right
4) In that column click on "Download now"

Sync & API

Using the synchronisation you can automatically copy the your imported invoices to a third-party system. For example you could connect to a FTP-Server or an accounting software like XERO Accounting, QuickBooks or FastBill.

You can find an overview about all existing integrations here.

By default invoices get synchronized within 24 hours. But you can change the interval as you need it in your synchronisation account settings.

Yes, for each synchronisation account you can check the checkbox to synchronize all invoices or uncheck it and select only certain suppliers.

Please send us a message and we will check if we can integrate that.

To synchronize invoices using HTTP, you need to have one script in your server which receives the invoice file and its metadata.

Please click here to see a sample code.

However sample code is in PHP, but it is not mandatory to have it in PHP only. You can use any language which can receive the invoice file, its metadata and process it accordingly.

Yes, we are offering several APIs.

If you need an API to access the invoice data from your GetMyInvoices account, you can enable this in your account itself. Therefore check "API-Access" in the top right menu. The documentation can be found under https://api.getmyinvoices.com/accounts/v1/doc/

Additionally GetMyInvoices can be used as a white-label solution to enrich your portal or application with the feature of automatic invoice download. Please fill our contact form to get in touch: https://www.getmyinvoices.com/en/api


Go here to update your personal information.

You can configure here how often you will get notifications by E-mail.

There are four different user roles.

Administrators have full access to the account and can also create other users and update payment information.

Standard Users can view, edit, and delete invoices. They can create new vendors. All administrative functions regarding other users, billing and synchronization are not accessible.

Upload only users can only use their own documents, for example upload their travel receipts. They don't have access to anything else.

Readonly Users have access to the documents, but can not edit or delete them.

You can manage your users here. If you are already using the maximum number of allowed users, you need to adjust your subscription.

If you want to rebrand the portal for your users, you can change colors and logo here.