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Document exchange with Caya

Exchange all documents
automatically with Caya


Simple steps

GetMyInvoices automates the exchange of documents
with Caya

The integration process of GetMyInvoices and Caya

Caya is a leading digitization enabler for small and medium-sized companies. With the digital mailbox from Caya Companies receive their daily mail online. Caya its customers' inbox and offers a smart document management system with Document Cloud. With the connection to more than 30 solutions, including accounting or project management software, Cayathe basis for automated and digital business processes. The focus is on intuitive operation without high implementation hurdles or introduction costs. You can use an interface to create invoices from Caya are automatically forwarded to GetMyInvoices. From there it is possible to transfer invoices to numerous other applications.

Step-by-step instructions

How to automate
the Caya integration

1. Start installation
To begin installing an integration, click "Install Now" (on this page to be redirected to your inbox) or "Set Up" (in your Caya-Inbox under Settings). A popup opens.

2. Enter email address
Use the text field in the pop-up to complete the email address you use to send your documents to Caya received. You will find out where to find the appropriate email address in your GetMyInvoices account in the next step. The additional identifier from the pop-up is not required; you can leave it out.

3. Address in GetMyInvoices
You can find the appropriate email address in GetMyInvoices directly in the dashboard at the bottom right. Copy it and then paste it into the text field in the popup of your Caya-Accounts (see step 1).

4. Confirm entries
Confirm your entries and your integration is ready! You now have the option to send individual letters in the Caya-Inbox to GetMyInvoices via the options menu.

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