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Document exchange with Evernote

Exchange all documents
automatically with Evernote


Simple steps

GetMyInvoices automates the exchange of documents
with Evernote

The integration process of GetMyInvoices and Evernote

Evernote helps users to record and prioritize ideas, projects and to-do lists. The online service collects entered notes, images, etc. and synchronizes them on all connected devices, including smartphones and tablets. This means that users have access to their content anywhere. They can also share it with others. The individual "notes" are not only added to the account via new creation, email or smartphone camera. Documents can also be imported automatically via GetMyInvoices. This means that tasks related to invoices, statements and other documents can be organized, for example. The linking is completed in just a few minutes.

Step-by-step instructions

How to automate
the Evernote integration

1. Start the integration process
Log in to GetMyInvoices >Select “Synchronization” in the right menu >Click “Add sync account” >Click “Export” >Select Evernote >Click on “Next”!

2. Add sync destination
Choose how often documents should be synchronized>Add a note if needed>Click on "Advanced Settings">Specify the document types and tags to export, activate the sharing box if necessary>Determine if you want to archive the documents in GetMyInvoices after transfer>Click on "Next"!

3. Link to Evernote workflows
In the window that opens, log in to your Evernote-Account >Grant GetMyInvoices access to your account by clicking "Authorize" in the next window that opens!

4. Add sync account
Enter the account type and name of the account > Under "Evernote Notebook" specify the folder into which the documents should be exported and click "Next" >Fill in the other fields according to your requirements>Define the date range >Click "Save"!

5. Integration completed
It will only take a short time until you can find information about synchronization in the main menu under “Synchronize” and later the exported documents in Evernote can see. > That's it!

Suggest integration

Your desired integration!

Do you use GetMyInvoices and need further integrations to make your invoice management easier? Suggest your desired integration!