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Document exchange with Billbee

Exchange all documents
automatically with Billbee


Simple steps

GetMyInvoices automates the exchange of documents
with Billbee

The integration process of GetMyInvoices and Billbee

Billbee is a complete solution for multi-channel retailers that offers order processing, inventory management and automation for small and medium-sized businesses. Users can manage their online shops and marketplaces with Billbee and import orders, customer data and articles. Order documents can be created, printed and sent manually or automatically. The functions also include the creation of shipping labels, transmission of shipment information to shops & marketplaces and automatic sending of tracking links. The inventory can be easily managed - including inventory comparison between the different channels - and counting receipts in the bank account or at PayPal can be checked. Extensive and flexible automation is possible. For additional export options for documents from Billbee A link to GetMyInvoices is recommended. This is where the receipts can be organized together with documents from any other source and/or automatically transferred. The integration process is completed with just a few clicks.

Step-by-step instructions

How to automate
the Billbee integration

1. Start the integration process
Log in to GetMyInvoices > In the right dropdown menu under your name, select “Synchronization” > Click “Add Sync Account” > Click “Import” > Select Billbee > Click on “Next”!

2. Add import sync account
Enter a name for the synchronization account that does not already exist > Enter your email address that you use to register with Billbee > Enter the API key! It is your API password in Billbee. You can get it by clicking in Billbee under “Settings” – “System” – “Billbee API”, then activate the API and assign a password > Specify the document type you want to synchronize as well as standard tags > Define a standard supplier if required > Specify the time interval at which synchronization should take place > Click on “Save”!

3. Integration completed
It will only take a short time until you can see information about the synchronization under the main menu sub-item "Synchronize" > That's it! > The documents will be available to you in GetMyInvoices shortly afterwards.

Suggest integration

Your desired integration!

Do you use GetMyInvoices and need further integrations to make your invoice management easier? Suggest your desired integration!