Automatically import documents from Bunq to GetMyInvoices

‘bunq’ means a self-styled ‘Bank of the Free.’ It is an early fintech pioneer in Europe and based out of Amsterdam. bunq offers three different accounts or memberships: Private, Travel Card, and Business. The critical aspect is that it is an app that makes easy banking possible. The app provides total control of your money through your mobile phone. You can use Bunq for any regular transactions. Transact for any expenses like shopping, groceries, rent, or other similar items. Download the bunq app for free from App Store or at Google Playfor Android devices.

GetMyInvoices easily integrates with Bunq. So how can we use it together to make life easier?

The best part of the bunq app is the invoice and receipt scanning feature. It allows you to take a photograph of the paper document. The fantastic technology automatically extracts the needed payment information from it and assigns it to the relevant transaction. It enables ease of accounting.

You can automatically import scanned invoices from bunq to GetMyInvoices in a few simple steps. Try bunq integration now.