Automate repetitive tasks with GetMyInvoices and zapier

zapier is a webservice that allows its users to automate actions between different web apps. So-called Zaps are created for those workflows. Specifically, users define a triggering event – that is, a trigger within an application – to initiate an action in a different application. This means automating repetitive tasks, so you are left with more time for other projects.

Thanks to the link to GetMyInvoices, you now can create Zaps that are triggered by a new document. In thousands of applications, zapier users can select an action they want to automate as soon as a new document is available in GetMyInvoices. One example is the creation of a card in a specific board in Trello.

We are part of the zapier partner program. This way you can connect GetMyInvoices with over 5,000 different apps to customize and automate your work processes.