Bookkeeping Auto-Pilot with Shoeboxed and GetMyInvoices

Shoeboxed is an online invoice, business cards, and document management software that provides a fast and easy way to organize bookkeeping and generate reports. Shoeboxed scans your bills, business cards, contracts, and generally any other documents and then turns these photos into extracted data that is categorized, organized, fully searchable and can be accessed anytime, from any device

With GetMyInvoices and Shoeboxed integration, you’ll put your bookkeeping on auto-pilot. It’ll take only seconds to sync receipts from all your suppliers, upload it to Shoeboxed, and automatically transform receipts into professional-looking invoices. Stop wasting precious hours on manual data entry and save time every week by eliminating time-consuming tasks. Every payment from the synced supplier will be uploaded to Shoeboxed without you ever lifting a finger. This will create more time to focus on the growth and success of your business