GetMyInvoices x Dinero – a smart combination

Dinero is a Danish cloud-based software accounting programme, for self-employed and entrepreneurs in Denmark, who want to do their own bookkeeping – without a preexisting knowledge for rules and regulations of accounting.

They aim to make the daily work for their users easier, and also remove some of the limitations for starting your own company.

With Dinero you benefit from:
• Your own digital bookkeeping-assistant, that guides you to the correct accounts & deductions
• Bookkeeping on autopilot with integrations (like with GetMyInvoices)
• Easy overview of your accountings
• Intuitive operation via the web browser
• Mobile App

GetMyInvoices and Dinero is a strong team who ensures that you always have an up-to-date overview of your invoices. Whether you are using a desktop or a mobile device – with the cloud, you can keep an eye on everything.

In other words: With GetMyInvoices and Dinero, you can switch your bookkeeping to autopilot and spend more time on your entrepreneurial ideas, and the core of your business.