sevDesk and GetMyInvoices simplify receipt transfer

sevDesk is an easy-to-manage accounting software for any company size. It enables its users to keep the cash book online, create invoices in individual layout, send these to the according customers, and collect incoming invoices and receipts. Data is being recognized and booked automatically. An interface with the bank account makes payments possible. As well as that, incoming payments are automatically matched with the appropriate invoices. sevDesk boasts a compatible DATEV export and stands for an easy collaboration with tax consultants. More again, based on revenue and expenses, sevDesk prepares the turnover tax advance return, which can be transferred directly from the software straight to the tax authorities. Last, but not least, sevDesk produces a revenue surplus bill and displays the profit and loss account.

With GetMyInvoices, users simplify their document import, as invoices, receipts, etc. are automatically imported into the accounting software. Another application scenario would be importing documents like outgoing invoices from sevDesk to GetMyInvoices, to organize and/or automatically forward them from there. The respective integration process is dealt with in no time.