How to Track Receipts in Slack?

Slack is a cloud-based messaging and collaboration system for teams. It can be used across multiple devices and has powerful features that allow you to not only chat with сolleagues, but also create groups and channels, upload and share documents, and, most importantly, integrate with 3rd party services.

Sometimes you aren’t able to follow up every piece of information relating to your business, or to keep everyone in your team informed. With the help of GetMyInvoices and Slack integration, you can make your life easier by posting each newly created invoice into your preferred Slack channel, so no one is left out. Either use it as a notification and collaboration tool for your accounting team, or use Slack as back-up storage for receipts. Notifications about new invoices will be created and simultaneously pushed into your preferred Slack channel. This will include information about the payee name, amount, payment date, etc. This integration saves an enormous amount of time as it brings all the information to one place and keeps all team members on the same page.