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account – an email address for your incoming invoices

Catch Invoices

GetMyInvoices provides a central email inbox; your suppliers can send their invoices to this address. As well as that, any team member can forward electronic invoices they might have received through their private email accounts to the central email address.

A central email address for all invoices

Forward all invoices to a central email address! The original sender will still be recognised, in order that the invoice can be assigned to the correct supplier. Alternatively, inform your suppliers of the central inbox and let them send invoices directly to that account!

Higher security

GetMyInvoices provides an integrated anti-virus recognition and protects you from phishing mail. Our intelligent system automatically guards your enterprise from spammers and their emails.

Automatic import to central document management

All invoices received through the central inbox will be automatically passed on to the central document management.

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Central Inbox



Tax Consulants


Coming Soon!

Our preparatory accounting workflow capabilities will be available to all customers from the Professional Package starting in winter 2018. Currently the function is in a closed beta phase and therefore not available to all customers.