Christmas season discovery tour in GetMyInvoices

Thursday, 3. December 2020 | 0 Comments

There is a lot to explore during the christmas season. If you have an advent calendar, you can look forward to a little surprise behind a new door every day. If you use GetMyInvoices, to automatically retrieve invoices and transfer them to other applications, you can discover many features via the dashboard. Twelve of the useful surprises that complement the core functions of the invoice management solution are presented below. One solution for each month of the year.

Extended functions for documents

Several additional functions are available concerning the documents. For example, they can be displayed as lists or tiles. From the overview, users can generate a link for any invoice or receipt, which expires automatically after one to 30 days, depending on the selection. Besides, you can simply share the documents by clicking on them. If you have a question about a document, you can chat with team members and the tax consultant via a button directly on the file. The support is contacted in the same way. Contacting support is also possible at any time via the language bubble symbol at the bottom right.

Intelligent OCR

The Character Recognition (OCR) automatically reads relevant invoice information and improves continuously. Users can communicate with the software via mouse click. For instance, simply open the document in edit mode and use the mouse to mark an invoice item. The OCR reads the field and transfers the result under ‘Invoice items’, so nothing needs to be entered manually.


The preset evaluation options on the left side show an overview of the top 10 portals. These are evaluated by tags, company/portal volume as well as gross sums by months and countries. Thus, users can easily display at any time how much revenue they have generated so far in the current year, and how much money they have spent.

Scan App

The left side of the dashboard contains a link to download the scan app from GetMyInvoices for the smartphone. The app digitizes documents even faster than a scanner. Moreover, it automatically uploads the captured documents to GetMyInvoices.

Current information

If you want to stay up to date, you will find links to GetMyInvoices’ YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles under ‘Info’ on the left. So you can connect with us without searching. In addition to that, a link to our blog is provided. Online portals that our developers have recently integrated are listed under ‘new portals’. Besides, users can directly access our help area.

Book a demo

If you need more information about GetMyInvoices, you can book a demo from the backend. Whether you have questions about the product, a partnership, integration, a problem, or information for tax consultants, you can immediately set up an appointment in the online calendar.

Multiple languages

Under the account name in the upper right corner, you find the ‘account data’. When you access it, you can choose between the language settings English, German, Spanish, Dutch, and French.

Tag Management

Under the account name in the upper right corner, you will also find ‘Tag Management’. By clicking on the plus symbol, you can organize existing tags and add new individual ones. This will enhance precise evaluation.


With our email notification options, users won’t miss a thing. They are defined at the top right below the account name. For example, messages are possible for new documents, two-factor code requests, document import, overdue invoices, discount periods, and any possible issues.


A protocol is also available in the upper right corner under the account name. You can view all logins there, filtered by user and date. If needed, a document-protocol is generated and downloaded, which contains all information of all documents for a tax audit or compliance audit.

Individual design

Clothes make the man. That is why appearance is also highly important in GetMyInvoices. On the right side below the account name, you can individualize your design. From the CI to the Christmas look, everything is possible.

Earn money

Last but not least, users can earn money with GetMyInvoices. This is possible through our affiliate program, accessible via the dashboard on the left side under ‘Info’. Moreover, users can refer friends using the corresponding function on the right side under the account name and receive 20 Euro per referred friend. That means more money is available for Christmas gifts.

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