Clever invoice management for the Omni-Channel

Thursday, 7. January 2021 | 0 Comments

The e-commerce market is booming, not only since the Corona crisis. Many retailers have realized the advantages of digitization and are benefiting from growing sales on various channels. May it be via online marketplaces where they offer their products, or in their own online store.

However, retailers generate their outgoing invoices not just in one billing document, but in various places. The online store generates invoices with its own number range. At the same time, retailers receive invoices from Amazon & Co. when they sell their products there. In some cases, retailers have to log into the marketplaces and download invoices themselves. There is a risk of losing track and forgetting an invoice here, not to mention the increased workload. Online retailers should rely on digital invoice management to ensure that additional sales via new sales channels are not deducted by higher expenses in the back office.

That is why we have recently equipped GetMyInvoices with a Printout Designer integration or a connection to OXID, xt:Commerce and other store systems. Therefore, merchants can automatically forward all invoices created with the tool for sales via their store to GetMyInvoices.

Manage hybrid invoice receipt on autopilot

Of course, GetMyInvoices offers the same convenience for incoming invoices, such as retailers launching advertising campaigns on Google or Facebook. Our solution automatically collects all invoices, for example, from over 10,000 portals, from emails, and third-party solutions such as cloud services. Gas receipts and other paper documents can be digitized via the scan app and are then added. This way, all invoices are centrally available in GetMyInvoices.

Afterward, GetMyInvoices manages the invoices securely in the cloud. The wheel turns full circle with our banking module. With help of the banking module, retailers can assign the account transactions to the respective invoices, which again drastically reduces the workload for preparatory accounting. Finally, business owners can forward their invoices directly to their tax advisor. This means that there is no need to hire additional staff for invoice management, which can shrink margins.

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