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Friday, 6. October 2017 | 0 Comments

We are delighted today to be able to present our DATEV connection, just in time for Germany’s Tax Accountants Days 2017. The integration of GetMyInvoices and DATEV Unternehmen Online is the next logical step to a higher level of automation in German accounting. The import of documents and invoices will happen online, so you don’t have to install another software to take care of the job.

We would like to thank our colleagues in DATEV for all their support throughout the integration process.

GetMyInvoices is the standard solution for the automated download of invoices and bills. By now, GetMyInvoices downloads invoices from over 1,000 internet portals, and imports receipts and documents fully automated from any email account. Up till now, it took an interim step to send documents to DATEV. The monthly export had to be downloaded, unpacked and uploaded again with the DATEV invoice importer. This step is now superfluous; you will be able to send documents directly from GetMyInvoices to DATEV Business Online.

DATEV Invoice Fetch

You can use two different transmission methods. You can transmit PDF receipts and invoices as photographic documents, as would be usual for DATEV document transfer. Alternatively, you can let GetMyInvoices transfer the already extracted data like supplier, invoice number and date, and amounts. The second option saves tax advisers even more time; but the document data has to be 100% complete and updated at all times, in case the OCR can’t read all data correctly.

DATEVconnect online, which has to be ordered and activated by your tax adviser, is a prerequisite. It doesn’t normally take more than a couple of hours to complete the activation.

To set up the connection you will also need the hardware stick DATEV mIDentity compact, which, as a customer of DATEV Business Online, you more than likely already own. The one disadvantage is the fact that you might not always carry the USB stick with you.

For that reason, we would recommend ordering the DATEV SmartLogin. With the smart login, there is no more need for a stick; authorization is possible anywhere, anytime, with access granted from your iPhone or Android smartphone via QR code scanning.

You can find instructions for the configuration of the DATEV interface here:
Tutorial: How to fetch invoices and transfer to DATEV.

In just a few more days, we will also conclude the beta phase of our Client Management program and make it publicly accessible. With Client Management, tax advisers and business consultants can create and manage GetMyInvoices accounts for their clients. The design can of course be customized to conform with the corporate design. You can log into the client account, access documents and start the DATEV transfer. Furthermore, our partners and their clients benefit from special rates.

At this point, we would like to thank participating tax firms for their valuable feedback; we are delighted to be able to offer, together with the DATEV interface, a rounded solution.

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