GetMyInvoices Moves from Desktop to The Cloud

Wednesday, 27. July 2016 | 0 Comments

Our faithful customers already know: with GetMyInvoices, you can gather, manage and transfer incoming invoices in no time! The system automatically collects invoices from web portals and emails, receipts can be scanned with a smartphone and it takes just a few clicks to organize, locate and send the documents you need.

The latest relaunch makes GetMyInvoices even more attractive than ever: we are moving from desktop to the cloud! This brings obvious advantages to our customers: starting now, GetMyInvoices is browser-based, which means that you no longer have to download or install any software. You will always be using the latest version and will be able to access newly added web portals within 24 hours. Whether your work computer is running or not, the invoice management will always be up to date: web portals and emails are checked for new invoices on a daily basis. No matter whether you are in the office or at home, you can access your data from everywhere. At the same time, your colleagues can upload new receipts, too – a feature that makes GetMyInvoices a true team player! It goes without saying that the system supports the export of invoice data to external accounting applications (FreshBooks, Billomat, Fastbill or Run My Accounts) and lets you send them to your tax consultant (via WebDAV, FTP or DropBox).

Data security is always a high priority: GetMyInvoices stores your data in highly secure data centres spread over several locations. Your personal data are stored in an encrypted form and a backup is performed every hour.

The cloud-based invoice management is offered free of charge to our current customers. We encourage everyone else to sign up for the 30-day free trial and be impressed with the features of the program.

See for yourself: GetMyInvoices brings you more clarity and simplifies your bookkeeping, ultimately giving you more time for your actual business!

If you would like to continue using the desktop version of the software, this is of course possible. However, please understand that no further updates or extensions will be issued for this version.

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