GetMyInvoices Update August 2020

Wednesday, 26. August 2020 | 0 Comments

Summer is slowly coming to an end; the days are getting noticeably shorter. But that hasn’t hurt our creativity: we have found an option for your employees to use our app for writing messages, so that they can, for example, speed up the invoice release process location-independently.

As well as that, we are now rewarding users, who recommend our invoice management solution to others, with a small thank-you gift.

Chat in the app

Thanks to our app, which is available for both iOS and Android, receipts can be conveniently captured and transmitted to GetMyInvoices on the go. Now, you can also create messages regarding the submitted documents, using the newly integrated communication centre. This means that your accounting department can contact the sender directly, or forward the receipt to the boss with a release request. Seamless communication across all devices makes processing documents even more efficient and flexible.

Refer-a-friend programme

Do you have business partners or acquaintances who still download and forward invoices manually, or copy and type invoice contents? Why don’t you just recommend GetMyInvoices? This is a perfect win-win situation: As a thank-you, you’ll receive €20 credit towards your next invoice for every new customer you refer – and your acquaintance benefits from saving time and nerves when dealing with accounting processes in future.

This is how you do it:

Log into the account -> open the personal domain on the upper right-hand side -> click on the second-last item “Refer a friend” -> copy the personal referral link -> share the link.

New portals

Of course we also linked new portals again in August, enabling users to retrieve documents. These include:

• Quartix
• One4All

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