GetMyInvoices Update February 2017

Monday, 6. February 2017 | 0 Comments

New Year is often coming with some changes, and so does GetMyInvoices. To make it possible for you to use your papers to light a fire in your chimney, instead of increasing your desktop pile, we made some improvements for you.



Automatically download your Amazon Marketplace Invoices

Everybody knows it, (almost) anybody uses it: the gigantic Amazon online shop. Of course it is also providing office supplies, and because of that it becomes important for accountancy and taxes. To date you had to transmit your Marketplace invoices from your email-account to your account at GetMyInvoices.

The new update makes it possible, to transmit the invoices from Amazon Marketplace straight from your Amazon-account directly to GetMyInvoices. There is no need to ask the Marketplace vendor for your invoice, GetMyInvoices handles it automatically for you.

For achieving that, you choose Amazon as the “Onlineportal”. After that, you choose to transmit Marketplace invoices. The last step is to put the switch to “on” at “Message-Center Rechnungen” and “Automatisch Rechnungen anfordern”. Ta-Dah! From now on, all your Amazon Marketplace invoices will be ending up in your GetMyInvoices account.


Digistore Subscriptions – invoices

The new update makes it also possible to refer your digital subscriptions of Digistore24 automtically in GetMyInvoices.

In order to do that, you lodge “digistore24” as “Onlineportal” and enter your subscriptionlinks. From now on, all your invoices will be imported automatically into your GetMyInvoices account.

Do you need any more features? Then get in touch with us!

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