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GetMyInvoices is becoming an ever larger document turntable. During the month of February, we released the latest major feature, joyfully anticipated by many users. And there is more, another reason for celebration: We have exceeded our boundary of 2,500 attached online portals. But read for yourself:


Document management systems as data source

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Many users had been in joyful anticipation of this development – documents will not only be transferred into other systems under “Synchronisation”, but document management solutions will be attached as data sources, too. To that end, we have created a connection with Dropbox and Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive will follow within the next few days.

The background to this is the fact that some clients have already internally implemented release processes, and authorized invoices are being filed in specific folders in Dropbox or Sharepoint. Now, GetMyInvoices can fetch those invoices to transfer them to the online accounting system. Clients are able to maintain their workflow.

New portals

We exceeded our former boundary of 2,500 online portals from which we automatically download invoices. New additions are, to name a few:

  • MyDPD Business
  • GetSocial
  • Adobe Stock
  • HubStaff
  • a2x
  • Thrive Themes
  • Hub Planner
  • GitLab
  • Fiverr


Good things come in threes. First, we realized a new interface to 1&1 bookkeeping; second, we implemented an extension to the sevDesk link. Users are now able to pre-allocate cost centres in GetMyInvoices, to save the extra hassle of having to assign them in sevDesk. This finalizes the complete automatization. So far, users could already allocate the sevDesk contact and the booking category.

Third, we now have a higher partner status with Xero, so that transfer into the solution happens fully automatized. Clients can now skip the formerly necessary step of operating the “Start” button in GetMyInvoices and getting authorization in Xero to initiate the document transfer.

Further innovations

Regarding invoices imported by email, users now can click on “Details” in the User Interface to trace the email the invoice was attached to. Furthermore, we have extended our API, which makes it possible to update invoice data via API.

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