GetMyInvoices Update for June 2018

Friday, 29. June 2018 | 0 Comments

Summer, sun and gorgeous long days characterised this June – it was an eventful month. From the 11th June till the 15th we were busy presenting GetMyInvoices at the DATEV muti-sensory experience at CEBIT in Hannover, gathering interesting impressions and winning over new clients.


As well as that, we implemented useful new features into our platform. One new function in particular has been inspired by our collaboration with DATEV at CEBIT. But read on and find out for yourself what’s new in GetMyInvoices:

Automatically abbreviate invoice numbers

At the moment, the DATEV interface only allows invoice numbers with up to 12 digits. But now, manual alteration of the invoice number isn’t necessary anymore: the synchronisation settings give you the option to shorten it automatically. That means even less effort for you!

Due date and payment details

To enable GetMyInvoices to remind clients of over-due bills, we set up the option to record your invoices’ due dates. We are also working on further development of our OCR, so that the due date will be registered automatically in the near future.

Moreover, GetMyInvoices users can now file payment information with the invoice to support the payment workflow.

These new invoice details will be transferred directly to attached bookkeeping systems like sevDesk, FastBill and Sage, as far as the interfaces allow.

New supplier features

Where suppliers are concerned, our software boasts two new functions. Firstly, you can access suppliers in list view as well as icon view.

Also, you have the option to summarize suppliers. This means that, if the automatic recognition of suppliers has led to there being, for example, one supplier called “Telekom” and another supplier called “Deutsche Telekom”, these two can now be easily condensed into one.

Even more workplace comfort

Our Multi Editing has made the processing of several invoices at the same time significantly more comfortable. This also allows fast and easy dealing with “en masse updates” of bills.

Another feature that has been introduced to make your work day easier is the Split function, which separates multi-page PDFs into individual invoices. This is of advantage to users who transfer paper bills to GetMyInvoices by scanning and sending one large PDF containing numerous pages, instead of transferring individual PDF invoices. The splitting process is fully recorded – meaning that the conformity of the principles of correct management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form, and of data access regulations (GoBD), is guaranteed.

New portals

The list of portals that GetMyInvoices customers can download invoices from has grown again in June. Amongst the new platforms are:

  • Balsamiq Cloud
  • BMW ChargeNow
  • Wiener Linien
  • Scalingo
  • shippo

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