GetMyInvoices Update March 2019

Tuesday, 12. March 2019 | 0 Comments

Right on time for the meteorological beginning of spring, GetMyInvoices has come up with useful innovations. Those don’t only include extensions to our features, but also new interfaces, along with an upgrade to the DATEV interface. As well as that, we are introducing a new product: FINUX.


Extended Features

GetMyInvoices now automatically recognizes discount possibilities in invoices. If an invoice is, for example, imported from an email inbox, our software identifies when the recipient can take advantage of a discount, and notifies the user – which saves him money.

Upgrade to the DATEV Interface

The DATEV interface has been updated to a higher version. This means more possibilities being offered to users. While, so far, documents could only be exported into the main folder, now a separate folder can be chosen. You have the option of transferring notes and choosing invoice numbers of up to 36 digits.

New Interfaces

Since very recently, GetMyInvoices exports receipts into Stotax Select, too – a cloud software for the digital collaboration between tax advisors and clients. Thus, it is possible for companies to effortlessly forward all their tax relevant documents – automatically collected in GetMyInvoices – into Stotax and to their tax advisor.

Using an interface to the business software bexio, users can automatically import the offers, invoices and orders created within the software into GetMyInvoices, and transfer them from there to a multitude of other systems. This enables users to set up highly individual and efficient workflows for various accounting tasks.

Just as users of the open source CRM software 1CRM and of julitec CRM have been enabled to import documents created inside the solution, for example bills, into GetMyInvoices. From there, documents can be synchronized with numerous other required applications. Moreover, GetMyInvoices imports bills from Monsum – a software for subscription management from FastBill.

Additional Portals

As a matter of course, we linked a number of new portals for automatic document download again. Those include:

  • Alibaba
  • united-domains Reselling
  • Digistore 24
  • GothaerMaklerportal
  • Postfach der TechnikerKrankenkasse


We would like to introduce FINUX as an additional tool you can link to GetMyInvoices. It connects GetMyInvoices, bank accounts, and accounting systems – and it prepares the obtained data, so that the user is able to receive answers to all of the most important questions concerning his company’s financial situations in seconds. Test FINUX for a 14-day free trial period and give us your feedback! We are looking forward to hearing your opinions.

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