GetMyInvoices Update May 2018

Monday, 7. May 2018 | 0 Comments

According to the old German song, everything’s renewed in May … Everything? No, not everything in GetMyInvoices is changed by the breath of fresh air supplied by the merry month of May, as the folk song claims. Still, our spring improvements are, very aptly, bursting with energy. See for yourself:


Connection with ADDISON OneClick

As of now, we are premium partner to the collaboration platform ADDISON OneClick by Wolters Kluwer. That means that we can offer clients of tax consultant, who – amongst other things – exchange documents via ADDISON OneClick, getting benefit from the use of GetMyInvoices. They can import documents into ADDISON OneClick’s file storage automatically. They have the possibility to retrieve invoices from more than 2,500 portals as well as email p.o. boxes, and to record documents on the go via smartphone or tablet. Once the documents have been transferred to file storage, entrepreneurs won’t have to forward these to their tax consultant – as the latter will be able to access and download the required documents and provide the office with digitalised forms. Using the connection between ADDISON OneClick and GetMyInvoices, business owners save up to five minutes time per invoice.

Automatic Invoice Download for DIGI-BEL

We also collaborate with Meeting Minds Ltd, which offers the cloud application DIGI-BEL – a solution for tax consultants and their clients, that works on optimising and simplifying the process of document digitalisation and transfer. Through our API integration, DIGI-BEL users will shortly be able to use our automatic invoice download as an additional option directly.

Additions and Improvements

You are now presented with even more options when it comes to choosing the perfect package for your business. In addition to our Essential, Standard, and Professional offer, our portfolio contains a Small and an Enterprise package. “Small” comprises automatic download of up to 150 documents from 10 portals for €19/month. “Enterprise” customers will be able to download up to 1,000 documents from 100 portals for €59/month.

The dashboard presents you with improved viewing options. When utilizing the menu item “Invoices”, users are now able to do more than just change from list to tile view. They have the additional option to have the invoices sorted by months. They will also be able to see when an email import or a synchronisation is actively running. The status animation in the respective modules displays the situation in real time.

Furthermore, GetMyInvoices boasts a new interface with easybill – a cloud-based software that businesses can use for the creation of outgoing bills, and to automatically construct those as Amazon vendors for sales on that platform. Using this connection, the invoices reach the bookkeeping department automatically.

New Portals

The list of portals from which GetMyInvoices users can download their invoices has grown again: Including the new platforms are:

  • Lufthansa
  • TravelPerk
  • SweetProcess
  • Uberspace
  • affinitAD

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