GetMyInvoices Update January 2020

Wednesday, 29. January 2020 | 0 Comments

Welcome to a new decade! As numerous experts agree, this one will be dominated by continued progress in digital transformation. That will give companies the prerequisites to maintain their ability to compete. After all, processes based on digital documents are transparent and, above all, significantly more performant. That is also true in regard to invoice management. With GetMyInvoices, you are extremely well set up to automate accounting processes and all corresponding documents. Thus, you gain more time to spend on entrepreneurial ideas. We will continue to consistently equip GetMyInvoices with further features to reduce your bookkeeping efforts even more. And the first innovations have been implemented already.

Time control

As of now, users can adjust their account settings to specify on what days and at what time GetMyInvoices carries out downloads from portals. The background to this is the fact that some portals request two factor authentication codes. The individual time control ensures that the user has to enter this code during common business hours, rather than in the middle of the night.

Extension to the mobile app

Our mobile apps, which have been available since last year, enjoy increasing popularity. Once installed on a smartphone or another mobile device, users can capture documents wherever they arise, and conveniently share them with others. What is more, you now have the option to assign a payment status to invoices on the go. This way, collegues in head office know when an invoice has been settled and further queries are superfluous.

GetMyInvoices for tax consultants

More and more tax consultants use GetMyInvoices to ease communications with their clients by simply exchanging documents. With the newly added digital client postbox, we go one step further – tax consultants receive their clients‘ invoices directly and without complications. To use it, simply set up @getmyinvoices email addresses and ask your clients‘ suppliers to send invoices to those addresses in future. The even more granular permissions concept additionally allows more exact control over which employees of the practice can access which documents.

Last but not least: we connected further portals from which documents can be automatically downloaded. These include, among others:

  • AOK
  • Apple Business Manager
  • Commerzbank-Firmenkunden
  • Consorsfinanz
  • Eventim Business Portal
  • HF Company Portal
  • LSWB
  • Media Markt o2 Service
  • Soennecken
  • Stotax Select
  • Trend Micro

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